Monday, December 15, 2008

A liberal and his money . . .

. . . are soon parted:
Daily News owner and real-estate mogul Mort Zuckerman is one of the investors ripped off by swindler Bernard Madoff, it was reported today. . . .
The Journal further reported that powerhouse movie director Steven Spielberg's charity, Wunderkinder Foundation, also got burned, investing roughly 70 percent of its money with Madoff. . . .
And New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg's family charity also took a bath, investing most of its $14 million trust with Madoff, his lawyer told The Record of Bergen County.
Jammie Wearing Fool notes that "Madoff was very generous to Democrats with his political contributions, notably to New York's senior Senator Chuckie Schumer and shady Congressman Charles Rangel," and USA Today reports:
He was politically active, donating $25,000 a year to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as well as recent races by New York Sens. Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine.
So, good news two ways: Rich liberals get ripped off, and a big Democratic donor is probably going to federal prison. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Note the massive disconnect between reality and the media created culture.

    In the real world most super rich Wall Streeters are Democrats.

    In the media created culture all Wall Streeters are Republicans.