Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PC TV sermons

"Momma's Boys," another stupid "reality TV" series, premieres tonight and features a bit of PC morality featuring the "nightmare momma from hell":
Each mother and son made an introductory video for the women to watch prior to the moms' arrival. One of them, mother to a young man named Jojo, comes right to the point when describing the girl she wants for sonny-boy: No blacks, no Asians, no Jews, no Muslims, and nothing on the order of a "fat-butt girl."
Momma, who herself looks like a wide pink planet when she arrives at the mansion, declares: "It has to be a white girl . . . just like me. Just like Momma . . . A nice Catholic girl who's not from a divorced family." . . .
[A] contestant with the exotic name of Misty Alli says of the racist mom, "Even the dumbest people knew how ignorant this was."
Momma the Racist -- isn't that special? How nice of reality-show producers to favor us with this didactic opportunity.

UPDATE: Just did some Googling on Misty Alli, whose screen credits include such roles as "Spoiled Diva," "Hot Chick," "Hooker," "Dancer," and "Brothel Girl #3." For the purposes of reality-television, however, she plays the role of Moral Arbiter. Oh, yeah, did I mention the show is produced by that 21st-century Gandhi, Ryan Seacrest?

JoJo's mother, BTW, is a native of Iraq, so maybe we can excuse her mistaken belief that, in America, she has the right to her own opinions about who her son should marry.


  1. Every time I see a blurb like this, I feel good about giving up on television (must be 3 maybe 4 years now) all over again

  2. And NBC wonders why their ratings are going to crap overall

  3. wait, is she white or does she think she is white?

    I'll bet the farm she is a Conservative.
    Goes to show that not all opinions are valid or worth
    This idiot prides herself on being " opinionated", which is a nice way of saying "bigoted douche".
    If only Saddam had gotten to her before she made it here....