Monday, December 15, 2008

'Stop oppressing my cleavage!'

The misogynistic patriarchy has reached a new low: Requiring women to keep their boobs inside their clothing at the office!

It's another one of those Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't situations that political correctness continually foists upon us. This supervisor sent an email to his female employee suggesting that she was revealing too much cleavage, and thus is condemned as an oppressor swine. On the other hand, if he had sent a note complimenting the woman on her wardrobe choices -- "Hey, love that low-cut top! Enjoying the show! You've got a great rack!" -- this, too, would have offended feminist sensibilities.

UPDATE: Welcome, AOSHQ Morons!

Q. How does a radical feminist screw in a lightbulb?
A. That's not funny!

UPDATE III: Coincidental news in New York. I'm trying to think up a joke about the Giants' offensive line and Peyton Manning getting sacked in Dallas, but nothing immediately springs to mind.


  1. No pictures of Christina Hendricks saying 'Stop looking at my cleavage'?

  2. Geez, next thing you know, bosses will have to treat their female employees with respect.

    Boo f-ing hoo.

  3. UPDATE: Welcome, AOSHQ Morons!

    Via AOSHQ:

    Obama Shifts: Now Says His Staff Had "No Inappropriate Contact" with Blago, Replacing Former Claim of "No Contact"

    Oh boy... When Y4-E et al see this one, their cognitive dissonance will be so strong, they'll be ticcing like Raymond Shaw when he sees the Queen of Hearts.

  4. This post is worthless without pictures

  5. so, the supervisor's name is Chris

    How do you know the supervisor is a "he"?

  6. Does this bubblehead ever stop to think that since (most) men do not even have boobs, that such a "consistent standard" cannot possibly be established?

    I mean frankly guys, how many of us unbutton our shirts down to the middle of our pecs to show off our gold medallions anymore? (Hubba hubba bay-bee, come check out my conversion van!)

    And has that *ever* been appropriate office attire for men?