Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scarborough earns his pay

Ace calls this "Four of the Most Satisfying Non-Pornographic Minutes of Internet Video You'll Ever Watch":

(Via Hot Air.) Scarborough points out the double standard between how Obama was covered and how Sarah Palin was covered. And watch how John Harwood justifies the New York Times sending legions of reporters and researchers to Alaska to dig up dirt on Palin.


  1. Way to go, Joe! Did you not notice how the DDBMSOWM people kept trying to focus on Gov. Sonofabitch when Mr. Scarbourogh kept saying why did not these same reporters show the kind of investigative interest of then Sen. Obama as Gov. Palin? And Mike Barnicle-what a grade A USDA choice imbecile! How could he have said what he said? And why did not Pat Buchanan not get in and stick up for Joe?

  2. Even the guy from the times knew he was nailed. BTW, what was with the Buchanan corpse there? I expected more from him, then again, Joe did fine.