Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maureen Dowd: 'Obsessed? Me? Just Because I Haven't Written Anyhing Except Anti-Palin Columns Since Sept. 2008?'

Which, as Mark Finkelstein points out, might as well be the headline on MoDo's latest Rorshach test:
At the moment, what [Palin] wants to do is tap into her visceral talent for aerial-shooting her favorite human prey: cerebral Ivy League Democrats.
Just as she was able to stir up the mob against Barack Obama on the trail, now she is fanning the flames against another Harvard smarty-pants -- Dr. Zeke Emanuel, a White House health care adviser and the older brother of Rahmbo.
She took a forum, Facebook, more commonly used by kids hooking up and cyberstalking, and with one catchy phrase, several footnotes and a zesty disregard for facts, managed to hijack the health care debate from Mr. Obama.
Sarahcuda knows, from her brush with Barry on the campaign trail, that he is vulnerable on matters that demand a visceral and muscular response rather than a logical and book-learned one. Mr. Obama was charming and informed at his town hall in Montana on Friday, but he’s going to need some sustained passion, a clear plan and a narrative as gripping as Palin’s I-see-dead-people scenario. . . .
Read the whole thing, especially if you are a psychologist who might render some sort of learned opinion about whatever has caused Dowd to devote her dotage to this quest to destroy Palin, like mad Ahab hunting Moby Dick.

It's insane -- and trust me, I have more direct experience in the field of insanity than most psychologists. However, when I engage in lunatic self-parody, at least I understand that I am making myself the subject of the story. MoDo shows no such self-awareness, apparently believing that she can devote column after column to her idee fixe without calling into question whether she is revealing more about herself than about her putative subject.

There, but for the grace of God . . .

DIAGNOSTIC UPDATE: Weasel Zippers suggests, "When you look up bitter, elitist, jealous douchebags in the dictionary Maureen Dowd's decrepit mug should be front and center." And our esteemed colleague Dr. Kill, recalling the recent medical analysis of Ms. Dowd's condition, somberly observes:
Oh oh, sounds like someone's out of peanut butter.
Either that or her German shepherd ran away -- an altogether understandable Pavlovian response to Ms. Dowd's particular stimuli. Research by epidemiologists (commisioned under an NIH grant managed by the McCain Institute For Advanced Vaginology) suggests that exposure to Ms. Dowd's gaping, arid, malodorous vajayjay produces a 37 percent increased likelihood of victims developing an acute case of Raging Faggotosis. NTTAWWT.

Remember, folks: Bad Nookie Is No Laughing Matter.

DIAGNOSTIC UPDATE II: Thanks to Sister Toldjah for bringing to the attention of Institute researchers the latest commentary on another tragic case study:
"I don't know exactly what about me threatens them (Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and Co.) so much, other than that people are listening to me," she writes in her latest cranium-inflating missive to the kids on the Internets. She brags that she has twice as many followers on Twitter as Malkin. "And trust me, Twitter is more of an indication of where young people are than books published." Books are so for old people!
Meghan is building a "look at me, I'm such a hip badass" platform, lobbing insults at pundits to prove she's just as edgy as her father. . .
Obviously, this further confirms the numerous reports in the Institute's archives (including one submitted by a Columbia University sophomore who was the last Teke pledge in line at a November 2003 all-night kegger) that the patient we call "Meaghan M." was already showing clear symptoms of intermediate-stage BNS in the first semester of her freshman year.


  1. Oh oh, sounds like someone's out of peanut butter.

  2. I'd kinda like to know why "death panels" is more demagogic than Obama's references to "greedy insurance companies" and doctors who who supposedly push their diabetic patients toward amputation because of the big bucks involved ($50,000 per Obama, which is actually off by a factor of something like 50 times). Also, why is the "death panels" terminology more mendacious than Obama's promises that nobody will lose their current health care coverage if they don't want to give it up, and that taxes won't be increased on the middle class?

    There is, indeed, much disinformation floating around about Obama's health care initiative - most of it originating with the President himself.

  3. I agree with Paco. Love 'em or hate em', the health insurance companies are not the problem.
    The fact is their profit margins are consistently between 2.5 and 3.5% or premiums received.
    So, even if they worked for nothing, our premiums would go down by only about 3%.

  4. Thanks gop now uyou are the death panel for 50 million without ins thanks in advance

  5. I think MoDo is merely "channeling her inner Khan":

  6. Paco:

    Sarah Palin said "death panels", and Obama said "greedy insurance companies". Therefore, "death panels" is more demagogic.

    I'm sure that the logic is awesomely obvious.

  7. Say, what if we all chipped in, and sent MoDo a case of peanut butter? Organic, say, purchased from Whole Foods? That might help her disposition.

    Hmmmmmmm......on second thought, never mind. Send the money to Dr. McCain. Basic research will have a longer lasting impact on humanity. MoDo can buy her own placebos.

  8. The indigent already get free health insurance. It is called Medicaid.

    The Obamatons want to give federal aid for health insurance to people making up to $88,000 per year. Those people don't have health insurance because they just don't want to pay for it.


  9. After insulting all Facebook users, which suggests that she isn't one, and isn't intimate with any, she concedes that Obama has no chance against Sarah.

    Is Obama's only option resignation? Will Biden stand a chance against Sarah's Facebook? Will Nancy, if Biden also resigns? If not, then who might? Why doesn't she answer this obvious implication of her "thinking"?

  10. Hey, we HAVE to save Patients like MODO by helping her not to deteriorate so fast.

    He must resist acting like Obama who, in 8 months, has established several DEATH PANELS who are working to kill the economy in the long run.

    Save MoDo! She represents all the crazy Americans in the asylum! She's still an American, right? I bet that she's one of those classes of patients that Sarah wants to be saved from DEATH PANELS.

  11. As a weekend psychologist [scatologist on weekdays / gynecologist on my lunch hour], I have looked at the case of Mzz. Dowd and come to a diagnosis: she is suffering from Borderline Cluelessness Disorder [BCD] or as it is known commonly 'NOW-Induced Spinsterism'. The latest research shows that BCD is caused by too many evenings spent at home alone, eating ice cream directly out of the container, and repeatedly watching Sex & The City reruns. In Mzz. M. McCain's case, she, too, suffers from BCD, but from a particularily violent strain of the Disorder because it also involves the massive ingestion of Bon-Bons.

    Dr. Waldo 'Couches' Von Whoopsie, Psy.
    [aka: Dr. Clyde 'Fingers' Proctor OB/SCT]
    [aka: Bob Belvedere, OB/GYN]

  12. Poor MoDo, she is letting her green horns show

  13. Dowd is jealous, that's all. Palin is an attractive 45 year old, with a good marriage, five kids, and a career. Dowd is 60, unmarried, no kids, and knows deep down inside that she'll end up in a forgotten, weed covered hole someplace, unmourned and uncared about. Palin on the other hand, may very well have a monument erected to her as the first female president, and her family will continue for generations to come.

    Here in MN we are known as the Land of 10,000 Treatment Centers, Dowd would benefit from a long stay in one of them.

  14. On psycho-analysis of MoDo: in my awareness, the best certified candidates for the job who are bloggers are Pat Santy (Dr. Sanity) and Bob Godwin (One Cosmos). Pat is a Psychiatrist and Bob a Psychologist. They are eminent, capable, common sense-based representatives of their fields of inquiry and methods of treatment.

    Search of Dr. Sanity for "Dowd" yields this:

    A pertinent example is this:

    " ... I would like to dedicate the following song (and advice) to MoDo, with thanks to Bobby Vee:

    Come back when you grow up, girl
    You're still livin' in a September 10 world
    Thinkin' ain't easy, writin's twice as tough
    So come back, baby, when you grow up .... "

    (Pat is a straight-forward, non-nonsense professional of intense moral sensibility.)

    Search of One Cosmos for "Dowd" yields this:

    A pertinent example is this:

    "Maureen Dowd, in the title of her latest ovary glower womifesto of gynecrock, asks the appropriately dingcatty question, "Are Men Necessary?" Duh, I don't know: ...."

    (Bob is a powerful, brilliant neologist, often exceeding my self-abnegatory sensibilities, but at what he does, namely, penetration of skeins, veils and masks, a genius at his art and of the highest spiritual calling.)

    These are good folks!

  15. I thought Maureen(too bad such a nice Celtic name had to be wasted on such a Bi*ch, She does have great red hair.) was a pompous, dim-witted imbecile from 02 to 07 when she was lauding McCain. I will give her credit, lots of credit, she loved McCain for the same reasons she hates Sarah. She lied about John (not Stacy) just like she lies about Sarah. Pro John anti Sarah; but lies all the same!
    The facts are the section was in the bill when Sarah posted about it. *Both* times Sarah posted about. Some lefty Republicans and some Dems say they will remove it. I will believe it has been removed when the bill is presented for a vote! I bought “Read my lips!..... taxes!” in ’88; and have regretted it for 21 years. I trust no left wing politician no matter Republican or Democrat!

    Rod Stanton
    Cerritos, Cal.

  16. Sarah Palin with her Facebook page has done more to move the health care debate in the conservative direction than Obama, ABC prime time, ABC news and the White House to move the debate in the Democrat direction.

  17. MoDo is jealous because she WAS one of the cute babes in politics... ten years ago.

    She hates that Sarah Palin is so damn fine, there is nothing more to it than that.

    She is almost 60 and she dresses like a kid. She writes like one too.

  18. I'm pretty sure the German-Shepherd-and-PB thing is illegal in all fifty states, D.C. and the territories, both as bestiality and (particularly in re such women as the fetching Ms. Dowd) as cruelty to animals.

  19. She brags that she has twice as many followers on Twitter as Malkin. "And trust me, Twitter is more of an indication of where young people are than books published."

    Most of the people following her on Twitter follow her for the same reason people slow down on the highway to look at a car crash.

  20. Stacy said, "...german shepherd....gaping, arid, malodorous vajayjay..."

    You just proved that Amanda Kolson Hurley, your former Washington Times colleague, was correct when she told The Nation that you are a "virulent misogynist."