Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday is once again upon us. Great roundup, as we seem to have more participation from the ladies and some of the big names in the blogosphere. Let us pause for refreshment in positive things.
  • Reader Cindy suggests we start with Emily West as a palate cleanser. This blog concurs in an ow-that-pebble-hurts kind of way.
  • Late for the International BikiniFest, Engadget does something with 15 bikini models and wiring to make a synthesizer. I don't know how he kept a straight face, either.
  • Mallika Sherawat appears to have been slightly late for the bikini-synthesizer gig, but makes up for it by being stunning.
  • The Instapundit, to whom we never hesitate to direct more traffic when we can, links a Life Magazine collection of celebrities in bikinis. Three Beers Later had gone flat by the time the entry arrived, alas.
  • Daphne, at Jaded Heaven, admits a brunette bias.
  • Vodkapundit links a clip of bikini-clad women reading the script to Star Wars. I'm not sure if the absinthe is working for you, Steven.
  • Chad at the KURU Lounge suggested Jana Defi. We can agree on this much: Jana is a healthy lady.
  • The Troglodarity Department feels it is time to bring back Britney. And Carrie Prejean. We're also treated to Sophie Milman. Have you ever wanted to be a microphone? Me neither, until I saw that clip.
  • Morgan Freeberg presents Meghan Fox in a clip that is new to me, but may have offended some already in its potty-mouthed hyperbole. Troglopundit linked it too, and his comment function is about an order of magnitude less painful than Freeberg's.
  • Powerline is finally seeking that special traffic boost that only Rule 5 can give. Here is some serious reporting on the Miss Universe Pageant. Follow-up posted here. Again, the Miss Universe Pageant refused to let Stacy McCain be a judge, so I guess he's boycotting.
  • In sports news, Dennis the Peasant has a Rule -5 example. I'll admit: I find that picture strange, yet compelling for some reason. Psychoanalyze me in the comments.
  • Dustbury contributes Nadja Auermann, for those who admire the leg as a special art form.
  • Ed Driscoll at Viral Footage linked The Onion's tweaking of PETA. Ed Driscoll.
  • Obi's Sister goes hi-brow (NTTAWWT) with a montage of silver screen heroes set to Bach #3 for the ladies. That wasn't me, either, playing the Bach, though I should really practice on the pipes and post a clip. Browbeat me, readers.
  • Paco favors the clarinet over the violin in suggesting Ginny Simms
  • Jeffords quotes a woman in lingerie sitting on a piano amidst roses as saying "Mel Gibson is a visionary". Trust Jeffords. He is a professional.
  • In health news, the WyBlog examines the Ratched future of nursing under Obamacare, and comes up with some attractive alternatives.
  • The Classic Liberal continues the health care thread with a study in Avril Lavigne. The swerve into energy policy at the end was a bit of a mind frak. It will require several more reviews to determine whether or not it works.
  • Staunch Rule 5 aficionado Bob Belvedere has several entries, a testament to his shamelessness. Here is Stella Stevens. There was a study in Suzanne Pleshette. He also recommends Julie Christie.
And how can we ignore the temptation from the last caption to squeeze in the fruit of another YouTube clip?

That concludes us send updates, cheers and jeers to Smitty. Peace, out.

Now that we've made sure the Myers has been fed (they shut down the buffet in his wake), let us attend to the correspondence.


  1. Oi! I did have more bleedin' Rule 5 stuff up, dinni? Orstrylian, no less, and you know those sheilas are right goers!

  2. How am I going to break it to Summer, that we didn't make the cut this week... Poor girl will fall to pieces.

  3. You are correct, friend Smitty, that I am a 'Staunch Rule 5 aficionado'. But that is only because I am constantly tempted by the fruit of another.

    Thanks for the linky love.

  4. You NERD!

    I'm ashamed you were taken in by this.

    I have thrown down the geek gauntlet:

    It's ON! Sexy Bikini Girls Reading Star Wars VS Sexy Bikini Girls With Guns


  5. At least in bikini Star Wars, Han shoots first.

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