Monday, August 17, 2009

'Angry mob' awaits Obama in Phoenix

BUMPED 11:45 a.m. ET: Barbara Espinosa is sending photos from Phoenix via her Blackberry:

A friendly historical reminder about the American founding. And notice the yellow sign at right: "Obama's New Motto: How Can I Fool Them Today?" Except I don't think it's exactly new . . .

Notice that this lady is in a wheelchair. You may look at her and say, "Oh, look -- a patriotic American exercising her First Amendment right to free speech!" But that just goes to show you what an evil racist you are. (BTW, thanks to Jimmie Bise for the linkage.)

An unidentified hottie in front of the KFYI radio booth displays her opposition to ObamaCare, as well as her nice legs. In Barbara's last message, she reported that it's 100 degrees in Phoenix today, so if the Tea Party ladies are dressed for the weather . . . We're understanding. We care.

Beth Straley displays her "Birther" pride. I am on record in opposition to Birtherism, although co-blogger Smitty is moderate on that issue. Still, you've got to love that one bumper sticker on Ms. Straley's sign:

"Kenya Called. They Want Their Marxist Back."
If that's not worth a "Heh," I don't know from "Heh."

A friendly Phoenix welcome for our Commander-in-Chief. Please note the yellow Gadsden Flag in the right background of the photo.

(ORIGINAL POST) 11:13 a.m. ET: My new BFF, American Freedom blogger Barbara Espinosa of Arizona, informs me that the Arizona Tea Party Patriots are rallying this morning in Phoenix, where President Obama is due to address the annual convention of the VFW.

KFYI's J.D. Hayworth has live coverage of the rally at Tom's Tavern. Rumors that Barbara Espinosa has gotten a Gadsden Flag tattoo have not yet been confirmed.


  1. Re: the "birther" sign: is that a black baby with giant blackface lips? Because that's a pretty classic example of racism. People like that should be chased out of the demonstrations.

  2. Yes Daryl, people like that should be chased out of the demonstrations. But they're not. Instead they are embraced by hack pundits because, well, this is their audience...
    Nothing like a picture gallery of ignoramus protesters who haven't the faintest idea what they are protesting. A brigade of paranoid morons
    parroting the tripe they read and listen to are hardly worth the attention that desperate Rightwingers give them. Aside from that warm feeling one gets inside when one realizes that one isn't related to these stupid hicks, celebrating their stupidity is bad form and not something one should do proudly.
    A more misinformed group of dingbats cannot be found outside these "demonstrations".I think it's cute that the nutroots are trying to co-opt the tactics of the left, albeit in a sadly misguided way. The only good thing we can make of it is that it is such a small group that it gives one hope that this is just an anomaly and nothing like the "popular uprising" Cons desperately want to believe it is...
    so sad....

  3. Looks more like a pacifier to me. But, why is it that leftists immediately focus on the black thing? It's not a black thing. It's a Marxist thing. It's a baby under a question about a birth certificate. It also appears to be a girl baby (the little bow) -- so is the sign holder sexist as well? Geez, get a grip.

  4. " It's not a black thing. It's a Marxist thing"
    Suuure. You would really like to believe that. Because if it was Hillary that had been elected that would have been your angle too, she's a Marxist.Funny how Bush isn't a Marxist, considering he did what he had to do in order to stop the hemorrhaging of the financial markets. Well, he's not black so there is no way to play up that "radical Black Panther" angle that Conservatives love to use. A shade too dark and you're an instantly suspect, right? Of course, to most on your side, THEY all look the same. Which is why you can't discern an Obama from a Malcolm X.
    No surprise seeing someone here run to the defense of wackjob demonstrators. Republicans have a Svengali-like ability to sway
    their ill-informed constituency to vote against their best interests. It is truly amazing...

  5. None is so blind as he has has four eyes and will not see. I'm amazed at the lengths libtards will go to just to demonize the people who prove them wrong.

  6. heh. proved me wrong?
    why don't we ask Pamela Pilger, self-professed Conservative, what she thinks about the whole health care debate. At one of these "rallies" out in Las Vegas Pamela yelled "Heil Hitler" at an Israeli citizen who dared to speak well about the Israeli health-care system. You can watch all the glorious non-racism here:
    So Joe Texan and all the rest of you inbred morons, try explaining this one away....