Friday, August 21, 2009

'Dear God in Heaven'

So says Pundette after learning that, under the British socialized medicine system, a repeat-offender child molester is being prescribed Viagra at taxpayer expense.

Really. Can you anyone think of anything else to say? Not even "death panels" constitute a more concise argument against ObamaCare.


  1. Or the old lady with Alzheimers and Parkinsons', who was denied medical coverage for *seven years* because her condition was classified as a "social" matter, rather than "health".

    Oh, yeah, ObamaCare is just what America needs! More bureaucracy to "save" money.

  2. This isn't as bad an example, but here's another one for the mixing politics and healthcare files:

    The Unites States banned asthma inhalers because the government believed the propellant was contributing to global warming. Now everyone gets to pay $45 a pop for a patented Earth-Safe Inhaler that doesn't QUITE work right. Thanks, government!

    But hey, we all have to make sacrifices to save the Earth, at least according to Congress. So I get to wait 15 extra minutes of gasping for breath, and poor people who can't afford inhalers wait a little longer. And my congressman, who fled to Israel for the recess instead of meeting with constituents, flew commercial.

  3. I'll see your "Dear God in Heaven" and raise you one "WTF."

  4. Not a good example - despite the obvious mess in this particular case, the larger message of this piece is that the government, namely the probation officers, should have much more power to directly control and restrict doctors in the prescribing of drugs. Shome mishtake, shurely?

  5. It's the inevitable result of medicine by committee. Take thousands of bureaucrats, throw them in a pot with all of their terrotoriality and infighting, and get out something ugly for which no one is accountable.