Friday, August 21, 2009

Gene Lyons, they'll hate you for this

You won't win the healthcare debate
by calling people stupid racists

Gnashing of teeth! Rending of garments! How will Democrats succeed without their most reliable tactics?


  1. Yeah, here's my take on Lyons:

    I love his analogy: his horse was irrationally scared of a fishing rod, town hall attendees are irrationally scared of ObamaCare. Same wild eyes and craziness, same need to be broken.

  2. Pfft. Brewdog has it right. Lyons' headline and closing chestnut flirt with the truth, but the body of the article is nonetheless devoted to the proposition that the voters in "rural states far from centers of power" are idiot dupes.

    The lack of self-awareness evident in the thesis "don't treat people like they're stupid; they're just like fearful horses!" is stunning.

  3. While he has a point on that, his use of "elite right wing foes" prevents me from taking him seriously.

  4. Calling anyone to his right stupid racists has been a staple of Lyons' career for years. This moratorium will last until his next column deadline.

  5. Gene Lyons ...

    now there's a clear-headed, fair & impartial arbiter of truth, only now he's doing his "Move along, nothing to see here" shtick for Obamacare.

    Yep, he's just the guy to help people figure out the issues.

  6. Good thing there are people like Gene Lyons to jockey us around into acceptance of government hellth care.

  7. What's with this 'conservatives are subhuman' theme coming from Obamaland? This Salon guy compares conservatives to horses. He quotes a commenter who says the townhallers are 'barely human.' Barney Frank compares a protestor to an inanimate object.

    The Dems are using a dehumanization strategy. For what? They've really gone cuckoo.