Friday, August 21, 2009

Operation Yard Sale?

Remember when the federal government waged war against al-Qaeda terrorists? Now they're at war with a new enemy: Second-hand toys!
If you're planning a garage sale or organizing a church bazaar, you'd best beware: You could be breaking a new federal law. As part of a campaign called Resale Roundup, the federal government is cracking down on the secondhand sales of dangerous and defective products.
The initiative, which targets toys and other products for children, enforces a new provision that makes it a crime to resell anything that's been recalled by its manufacturer.
Via Newsalert.

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  1. Boy, these people in Congress have waaay too much time on their hands. Can't they get a hobby or something?

    Spending our tax dollars funding trips for them out on Kennedy's yaught, would probably actually save us money!