Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Your new hero: Barbara Espinosa

Every revolution begins with one courageous individual, relentlessly dedicated to a cause -- and perhaps written up in my American Spectator column:
Tom's Tavern in Phoenix was "packed to the rafters" Monday morning, Barbara Espinosa told me. "You could hardly move."
The tavern was the scene of a "Health Care Town Hall" event hosted by J.D. Hayworth, the former Arizona Republican congressman who is now a popular talk radio host on KFYI in Phoenix.
President Obama was in town to address the annual convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Ms. Espinosa was a member of the crowd who marched from Tom's Tavern to the Phoenix Convention Center to welcome the president, carrying signs with slogans like, "Pull the Plug on ObamaCare" and "Marx Was Not a Founding Father."
Had Ms. Espinosa not been in the crowd, I wouldn't have known about the protest. She posted a notice of the Tom's Tavern rally on her blog and, using her cell phone, sent me photos of the protest that I posted on my blog.
Welcome to the Information Age, where somebody's grandma is changing the world one Facebook update at a time. . . .
Read the whole thing. Ms. Espinosa is planning to attend the 9/12 Taxpayer March on DC, so we might have to organize a "Smittypalooza" in her honor. You should add her as your Facebook friend.


  1. You post photos on your blog that another blogger sent you.

    Then you write an AS column about how you posted photos on your blog that another blogger sent you.

    Then you blog about how you wrote an AS column about posting photos on your blog that another blogger sent you.

    Next up: another AS column about how you posted on your blog about writing an AS column about posting on your blog....

  2. And without her efforts to get the word out, the event would have been buried.

    Funny, I seem to recall a time (perhaps it's a myth, as no one talks about it anymore)where any protest of the President was alway mentioned in every story about the President. Of course, those lies about a different time are often told by the Traitors who spread fables about a magical "Full Employment."

    Oh well, life is so much better here now in the Sixth Month of the First Year of The Golden Age of Obama.