Saturday, August 22, 2009

Few More Jerry Raids Await

Few More Jerry Raids Await

by Smitty

Track-a-'Crat and I were out to Inglourious Basterds last night. If you take it as a comic book, the movie is an entertaining vehicle. At one point, ordering a glass of milk takes on sinister overtones. If you take the movie seriously, it falls apart. The characters are paper thin and the whole plot is counter-factual.
As with Pulp Fiction, the title encapsulates the film: the spelling errors in IB are a clue as to what you're getting. Tarentino is a truth-in-labeling kind of fellow, and should be respected for that.

They told me if I voted for McCain that the state would merge with the church, and they weren't just shuffling prayer mats!
  • Obi's Sister is off jury duty, and amazed out the pace of Changeeba and
  • Hyscience isn't buying co-ops. They're like coops with a dash of punctuation.
  • Belvederus Maximus has the best roundup on the topic. As if that's surprising.
Legislation of Death
  • The Daily Pundit says "Under socialized medicine, child molesters get Viagra, but granny gets her blood pressure meds pulled."
  • Momma Pundette linked in a roundup of news of the 'God in Heaven' variety. Pray for peace.
  • Ruby Slippers had an excellent roundup, linking the Rick Lowry post.
  • Reganite Republican Resistance has a lengthy analysis of Obama's political condition.
  • Carol rounds things up nicely.
  • Jimmie breaks in with a primo clip from Airplane! about the left's characterization of Sarah Palin.
  • The Classic Liberal picked up the Maureen Dowd riff.
  • Carolyn puts it succinctly: What they don't seem to get is that they are energizing the anti-ObamaCare folks with each falsehood they put out.
Protest Photos
  • Carolyn complements this blog via image theft. You can't damage our images any further, but have a go nonetheless.
  • The Daley Gator had mooched the pictures first.
On the departure of the Prince of Darkness
Linked by the following:
Grand Canyon
Here, wall: a bit o' primer
  • Moe lane picked up Stacy's anti-primer crusade. One subtlety is that, with a long 'i' vowel, primer goes on the wall. With a short 'i' vowel, the word describes that which makes one prim and proper. Stand by for a smirk from me if you fumble the shibboleth in conversation.
At least it wasn't LaTreena
On Geekiness
  • The Fat Guy says:
    I’ve never had a Heinlein obsession, but I’ve never had an electric guitar, either. I’m not going to rattle off my manliness bona-fides. It’s unbecoming.
2996 Project
I'll be honoring a Naval Reservist present in the Navy Command Center
Readers Indigestion
  • Wizwow quotes Stacy.
  • Lead and Gold:
    The Reader's Digest did not need consultants. It just needed a great editor who did not have contempt for the core market.
Great Headlines

They can't sell cars to the sane, but they can sell crap to the electorate.

Miscellaneous Shouts:
Heading down to Representative Jim Moran's office. I need to tell him what a great thing it is that the Inglourious Basterds are purely fictional. We don't ever want any of that to occur in real
life. However, he should feel free to draw a lesson from the film in any case.
Please forgive my hasty oversights and send corrections and URLs to Smitty.

Fishersville Mike had linked us here on the Phoenix protests. What ends up happening sometimes, and I think this is was the case, is that my Technorati-scraper will have a line it in that says, and I just let it fall on the floor, lacking time to figure out where we were linked in every case.
Thanks for keeping me straight, Mike.


  1. 'who knew he was such a fan of the undead?'

    How could I not be after hearing this song in 1980:
    White on white translucent black capes
    Back on the rack
    Bela Lugosi's dead
    The bats have left the bell tower
    The victims have been bled
    Red velvet lines the black box
    Bela Lugosi's dead
    Undead undead undead
    The virginal brides file past his tomb
    Strewn with time's dead flowers
    Bereft in deathly bloom
    Alone in a darkened room
    The count
    Bela Logosi's dead
    Undead undead undead

    Bauhaus was one of the great bands of the punk age. Click here to see the video:

    Thanks for the generous linkage and for the great job you do aggregating all of us so well.