Saturday, August 22, 2009

Did you protest Obamacare today?

by Smitty

I met ~15 patriots today at the office of my local tool.
The cell phone is not a blogging platform. Will flesh this out later.
For now, rmember that one of the chief ramifications of Hopium and Changeeba is that politics has ceased to be a spectator sport.
Your sins of omission to participate on whatever level you can will be held against your freedom and your wallet.

The protest was small, but fun. The first question was, are we in the right place?
Note Google Maps:

This agrees with his website.
So, we're left to wonder: where is our trusty representative?

Probably he's unused to having groups of citizens show up to tell him what a piece of work they think the 111th Congress is.
Well, we're planning on sharing the love with him on Tuesday, over in Reston, VA.

That anyone turned up on such short notice was impressive. Especially in the absence of any formal organization whatsoever. This district is completely blue. Wikipedia says Moran took the Oath of Office in 1991. To where he took the oath is unclear. Twenty years of this jackanapes is sufficient.
The family photo was small, but give us time.


  1. Yes we did protest Congressman Harry Mitchell (D) Arizona

  2. Yes, we did protest Sen. Durbin in the Loop in Chicago.
    Chant was "no more DICK"!

  3. I did attend a Recess Rally at the office of my local Congressman, Rep. Louie Gohmert.

    As my district is heavily conservative, everyone there was not only against Obamacare but also against the increased taxation, spending, and general usurping of power that is being attempted by the President and the Democratic Party.

    And that includes Rep. Louie Gohmert who, although he could not attend due to a prior engagement, wrote a very inspiring letter to those in attendance urging all to stand up for our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

  4. We had a good one at Birmingham, MI. 1,000 strong!

  5. We showed up in Nashville!

  6. I went to one at Rep. Suzanne Kosmas' office (Orlando, FL). It was very small =10-12 folks- most didn't find out about it until very last minute. We delivered some letters to her office. Her office is not on a main road so it would not be helpful to stand around with signs.
    There was a large protest downtown later that day and it was attended by 3-7 thousand depending on who was doing the counting.

  7. I went to my local Recess Rally. There were about 8 of us patriots, not bad considering we had no leader (we all just spontaneously showed up after reading about it online), the office (Rep Sensenbrenner's) was in a middle of a secluded office park, well off the main drag and completely empty, and all of us could have found better things to do with our time.

    But we were there! A mix of young, old, male, female. Patriots all.

    One guy, a business owner, brought a thick binder with the entire text of the health care bill -- marked up with post it tabs and notes. (Wish our pathetic elected officials could trouble themselves to do as much.)

    All of us, in fact, had spent time reading the bill online, and all were familiar with @fleckman's tweeted page-by-page commentary.

    For about 40 minutes we stood around talking and sharing information ("have you heard about the threat of a new Constitutional Convention?" "Here's what Ezekiel Emmanuel says about who should get health care..." "There's some talk that the Commerce Clause may make this all unconstitutional", etc.)

    Then we all left. Not being professionally organized (or professional organizers), we didn't even exchange email addresses, an oversight for which I'm kicking myself.

    It still was a worthwhile exchange of information and a morale-booster. We'll keep fighting, we'll keep working on this, and we're going to win.

    A homeschool mom