Thursday, June 11, 2009

My cousin, Mandy Gulledge

I've blogged about Cousin Mandy here before. She's a very talented singer and actress (as well as a wife and a mom) who lives in Alabama. Let me tell you a funny story.

Today I was checking my e-mail and noticed I had a bunch of notifications from Facebook: "So-and-so has commented on your note . . . ." Now, because my laptop is somewhat memory-impaired, I don't often check my Facebook (an unusually memory-intensive site) so if you're one of the 120 FB friend requests I haven't approved yet, it's not that I'm a snob, I'm just waaaaayy behind on my Facebooking.

Well, I kept seeing these notifications and got to wondering what it was that was being commented on so much. So I clicked over. My blog posts automatically feed into my Facebook profile via RSS, and here was this long thread of comments on my latest Glenn Greenwald-bashing post. Turns out, it was Dave C. from Point of a Gun and another conservative mixing it up with Cousin Mandy.

Mandy was more or less agreeing with Greenwald about "fearing" Republicans, and it started a regular donnybrook on Facebook, with Dave probably wondering, "Who's this wacko woman bashing on my buddy McCain?" Heh. Crazy runs in the family.

My late mother was first cousins with Mandy's mother Joanne, which makes us second cousins. In case you forgot the last time I blogged about my cousins from Montgomery, here's Mandy:

Crazy ain't all that runs in the family. So y'all be nice to cuz, y'hear? Mandy's married, but you ought to see her sister Lizzy, who moved out to Hollywood:

Whenever Yankees start making jokes about Southerners and their cousins, I always say, "Yeah, but you ain't seen my cousins!"


  1. Fantastic photos aside, you missed the most important piece of information you could possibly give about these Southern women: are they Alabama or Auburn fans?

    We demand transparency! And football afflictions!

  2. All I can say to those pics is "Da-yum."