Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Obamanomics insanity:
House passes 'cash for clunkers'

Just when you think you've seen it all, those idiots in Congress surprise you:
The House has approved the "cash for clunkers" bill to boost lagging auto sales.
The bill would allow consumers to turn in their gas-guzzling cars and trucks for a $4,500 voucher for more fuel-efficient vehicles.
President Obama has encouraged Congress to approve consumer incentives for new car purchases as part of the government's work to restructure General Motors and Chrysler. The House approved the bill 298-119.
Only 119 "no" votes? 59 Republicans voted "yes"! This is insane, I tell you!


  1. $4,500 for my 1919 Hispano-Suiza? I think not, Old Top!

  2. You would think this would come from 'The Onion' or something.

  3. "Insane," you say?

    I say, "Nay!"

    Millions of insane people get through every day dealing with their delusions, without ever asking someone else to pay for them.

    On behalf of the honest insane people everywhere, I demand a retraction and apology!

  4. Sounds good to me! There's an old beater truck down the street selling for 1k. Instant 3.5k profit!

    Now, if only I can buy a Honda with the credit we're golden!


  5. This bill would put every charity car donation program in the nation out of business since the amount of the voucher would be much greater than the tax deduction. The solution is to simply allow the charity to issue the voucher in lieu of the tax deduction. The charity would then junk the car in accordance with the bill. This way, everyone wins, the car dealer, car maker, car buyer and the charity.

  6. Everyone's been hypnotized by Obama. Whatever he wants, no matter how ridiculous it is, he gets.

  7. The next step is to outlaw cars over a certain age (including antiques) and require people to buy a new car every few years.

    Wonder what the enviromental wackos think of this, saving a few pounds of oil, but adding tons of metal to the scrap yards.

  8. This spending is more insanity from Bama and his band of maniacs. All we need is more cars on the road. the fact is, we need elestric cars, not these polluting filthy gas engines. this country and administration are all insane.

  9. You would think this would come from 'The Onion' or something