Saturday, June 13, 2009

Further Moronic Jackass Responses Anticipated [Bumped]

by Smitty

This week's Full Metal Jacket Reach Around goes out to a sad piece of work in New York City. Retire, Letterman: it's the most honorable thing you can do. As with the bulk of ancient war-horses, however, his descent into the bowels of self-parody shall likely be neither brief nor pleasant.
So let's talk linky-love instead. In order to keep the author engaged, we'll see if grouping links by subject affords any excitement.

Non fans of the twit who inspired this week's backronym:
  • The Eye of Polyphemus
  • Moralia, though I'm tired enough to be unsure whether I've guaged the snark correctly.
  • The South Texian drawls some conclusions:
    But I'll just be damned if I'll ever give any respect to anyone who feels free to insult those "proles" who don't inhabit the rarefied echelons of academia or the old media. An academic I may be, but my father is a retired federal law enforcement officer and Marine Corps veteran, and my late brother was a construction worker. For anyone who thinks less of me because of that, I have your due deference right here.
Those who liked last Sunday's rebuttal of Playboor:
  • Another Black Conservative weighed in on Bonnie Erbe.
  • T-Pundit, who seems to think it would be a slow ride situation.
  • The Blue Collar Republican picked up the AOL side of the story.
  • Tangentially related, Nicedeb's hat tip to Ace of Spades. I mean, really: how can you not like a dude sharing a name, and dare I say, attitude, with classic Motörhead?

The pack who weighed in on the Publius publication:Tragedies at a clinic, a recruiting office, and a museum:
  • The Daley Gator, not once but twice.
  • Carolyn Tackett on Tiller and the Holocaust Museum
  • The Conservative Political Report.
  • Zoominac.
  • We have a helpful reminder from Bits of Brain: Only White People Can Be Racist. Ah, it's all in focus now. Focus. The Conservatives Who Say: Focus!
  • Wizwow noted that von Brunn was a journalism major. What does Janet Napolitano have to say about that?
  • Transterrestrial says:
    You’d almost think that Jeremiah Wright was the guy who shot up the Holocaust Museum.
    Well, no. Employing the First Amendment in arguably tasteless ways is not the same thing as illegally abusing the Second Amendment. Let's eschew lefty moral equivalencies, Luke: that side of the Force was left in the toaster too long. (And that is about as close as I can get to 'defending' Wright.)
  • Douglas mockingly calls for a Neocon Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Nothing short of beheading will halt my thought-crime spree.
Obamacare, soon to lighten a wallet very near you, and other economic seppuku:Among the ones who dug theObama Job Saver post:"Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a blogger of wealth and taste" section:
  • Donald Douglas noted that Stacy didn't make the 30 best conservative columnists list.
  • Fisherville Mike had sympathies, as well.
  • The gracious Pat in Shreveport even posted a photo of the devil.
  • As American Speedo Power notes, Melissa realized her mistake before she washed her hands of the topic and sealed Stacy's fate.
  • Paco also picked up the Stacy sympathy meme.
  • The Camp of the Saints: RSM does not suck...He trucks...
    Slaps the pucker/right off Tucker/the lame, insipid/rake-in-the-mucker/Burma Shave
Those who thought the Google riff was notable, and they should, as this was my jape:Those who remembered us in the context of the Cairo "Everyone was as bad as everyone else, and 2 is morally equivalent to 3, since both are prime numbers" speech:
Those who were willing to overlook a headful of sail fuel in the name of Rule 5 (translation: bothered to note Megan Fox, not that this implies wasting minute #1 on her silly flick)The eminently tasteful who liked the Corleone Conservatives post:
Little Green Footballs lavishes garish fruit, leaving groups frazzled:Ones who appreciated Southern by the Grace of God:
Those suffering from post-prejean-partum-pablum:National Offend a Feminist Week linkage:The "Chris Matthews is arguably the biggest piece of work in the Country" section:Reservation Conservatives, and their most convenient disposal:Ones who enjoyed the ESR quotation:The Committee to Make Brooks Bashing an Olympic Sport:The "Can Stacy get his picture taken with Deeds?" Dapartment:
  • Tigerhawk points out how much we Virginians owe Stacy for bumping TMac. Now we just have to get McDonnell elected.
  • Fisherville Mike is on board with the photo op.
Special mention:
  • Obi's Sister increased the attractiveness of a photo containing Stacy McCain.
  • Moralia's been blogging for a year.
  • Steynian, who still shames my roundup-fu.
  • Dustbury three word commentary. Like dieting haiku!
  • Also, Paco: "A fine oration." So hire RSM for a speech, unless you prefer someone who'll help with your insomnia.
  • Adirenne's Catholic Corner requests a Smitty. There has been some consultation on the topic, but my brother, while close, prefers his Harley to a web browser.
  • The Political Castaway links us while listing Top 6 Questions for TOTUS. For rather large values of 6.
  • Sarah at Blue Shelled thinks that Only Kindness Matters. Lady, kindness is founded upon reciprocity. Your attention is drawn to Game Theory. Kindness matters in an ultimate, theological sense. If you can't maintain the focus on this in the face of severe strain, things will not go well, I fear.
  • No Runny Eggs lists Stacy for Rule 5 Czar, though all the power has been delegated to the Porch Manqué Czar.
  • The Nashville Post on Pastor Wright: The hits just keep on comin'
  • The Track-a-'Crat noted us while giving you some Greg Morton linkage, in case you missed that genius.
  • Fisherville Mike understands the explosive demand for fireworks.
NOTE FROM RSM: My colleague Smitty text-messages that this FMJ Saturday roundup is incomplete, due to real-life commitments which cannot be evaded. So if you didn't get the linky-love you were expecting, please link yourself up in the comment fields and we'll see if we can't make up the FMJRA Rule 2 factor at some future point.
Meanwhile, patriotic contributions to the Emergency Fireworks Fund are gratefully appreciated. Even a greedy capitalist blogger like me wouldn't want to be accused of selling linky-love, but . . .
Porch Manqué Central thanks the dedicated readers of this blog for their indulgence and link-fu. Blessings and clicks for all my friends. Oh, and sorry if bumping this wiped out some replies to the original *gulp*. Didn't know! Forgive, forgive...


  1. Let's not forget the lushiously loaded with linky-love FMJRA over at No Sheeples Here:

  2. Did ya'll get American Power linked up? Now that's an ommission!

  3. Isn't this the perfect, positive comment on conservatives? That we don't put the ultimately unimportant things first? The Left thinks the personal is political and that the public life comes before the private. We think the personal is personal and comes first. Good for Smitty.

  4. Made some notes on your AMA break from NTCN, and perhaps mentioned in passing the suckiness.

  5. Smitty,

    I know that you consider Lance a kind of brother, but Jeez, even his twin brother doesn't like him this much.

    You're not thinking of changing this blog's name to 'The Other TrogloPundit' are ya?

    You'd better tone it down a bit or people will think you're gettin' a little queer for each other.

    I'll have to take a 2X4 to the next family get together 'cause this much ToM linky love along side his #28 conservative blog rating is gonna require some serious attitude adjustment.

  6. @Steve:
    Jealousy does not become you. In this act of blog-prostitution, any link in the last week that wasn't held for Rule 5 is fair game.
    I'm supposed to be paid by the URL Real Soon Now.
    Overkill 'R' Us.