Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blame Tigerhawk for this

I'm looking at SiteMeter and seeing more click-overs from Tigerhawk, but I don't see where he's got any new linkage to me. Ergo, he got some kind of big 'Lanche today, and I'm getting extra traffic from the blogroll or something.

But he's got good stuff, including this:
Marriage and housework: "Marriage is no longer a man's path to less housework."
The hell you say. If marriage doesn't decrease your housework, guys, you're doing something wrong. You do it right, you'll occasionally get breakfast in bed and never even have to think about the laundry.

Before you ladies start screaming "sexist patriarchal monster!" -- guilty as charged, ma'am -- you really need to think about the alternatives. I was completely autonomous as a bachelor. My mother worked, and she died when I was 16. There were just us three boys (no sisters), and I had plenty of experience with cooking, cleaning and laundry. So it wasn't as if I needed those services, but the package deal . . .

A free-market economist Thomas Sowell could explain all this. Think trade-offs, efficiencies of scale, stuff like that.

There is such a thing as a marriage market and, given current market conditions, there is a noticeable surplus of angry careerist bitches who consider domestic drudgery beneath their dignity as womyn. Therefore, if only as a marketing strategy, no matter how demeaning you consider it to scrub toilets or fold towels, try to pretend as if nothing else on earth could give you greater pleasure.

Honestly. You're already faking orgasms so . . .


  1. Heh. Looks like a reasonable deal to me...

  2. Gladly, if I ccould find a man whose income could support us both. Feminism has destroyed that hope, pretty much. Thanks, gals.

    Meanwhile, I have to work, and when I get home, I want to sit around and read the news and nibble on cold pizza and do some art work. If a man needs me to babysit him when I get home so that he can sit around and watch Clint Eastwood then. . . well, there's tradeoffs in every deal. He may be adorable, but not completely irreplaceable-- they do make some fine electronic devices. . .

  3. Geez, Stacy, I'm starting to think maybe National Offend a Feminist Week was just some kind of ploy to give you a chance to be yourself more.