Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chris Matthews worries Palin 'talking
language of far right . . of paranoia'

Via Newsbusters, which has transcript:

Wonder who gave him this idea? Joan Walsh or David Letterman?


  1. Oh, the irony. Matthews & Co. are the paranoid ones.

  2. Chris, Dave, Katie et. al can kiss my as*!
    Sarah seems to be the only one with the brains to know whats right and the guts to say what she knows.
    dave et al are a bunch of morons or cowards; or probably both!

    Rod Stanton
    cerritos, Cal

  3. Chris is just covering for one of liberalism's best policy weapons... the comedian.

  4. Oh that crazy Sarah Palin! Who ever heard of a government taking people's rights?

    Geez Chris, your supposed to be a reporter. Have you even been paying attention for the last several months?

  5. Chris Matthews is an ass.

  6. During the Bush years, all we heard that dissent was the highest form of Not so much.