Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holocaust Museum shooter:
A journalism major?

Why am I not surprised?
The shooter has been unofficially identified James W. von Brunn, of Annapolis, Md.
The gun-battle occurred in the museum lobby and started when the attacker began shooting with a "long gun," said Sgt. David Schlosser.
Mr. von Brunn has a Web site that includes anti-Semitic and racial statements.
The site also states Mr. von Brunn has a journalism degree from a mid-Western university . . .
When I had breakfast with Obi's Sister and her family last week, her son said he was considering a major in journalism. I cautioned him strongly against it. As a general rule, with few exceptions, journalism majors don't amount to crap in the news business.

Major in journalism, and next thing you know, you could end up like Rev. Wright: "The JOOOOOZZZ!"

UPDATE: You could have won $20 by betting $10 against the initial house odds at The Jawa Report, which has a good rundown on Von Brunn's kooky rantings.

UPDATE II: Bloggregating at Michelle Malkin has a good round-up, including this from Donald Douglas:
The spin on the left is that the suspect, James Von Brunn, is an agent of the GOP's "Christian-fascist" base. The truth is, via Melissa Clouthier, this guy's a deranged Holocaust denier. He represents no one on the conservative right - not me, nor any of those with whom I associate."
Exactly. The Left gets to decide what qualifies as "right-wing," and nothing any conservative says in contradiction can be taken seriously.

BTW, I guess I should link Melissa Clouthier, sort of as an afterthought. I hope she doesn't take it personally or anything like that.


  1. And to think at one point I was accepted to the University of Kentucky as a journalism major. Joined the Navy instead, and got a degree in electrical engineering after I got out - best move I ever made.

  2. Considering the guy (Brunn is/was koo koo starkers, with paranoid delusions, I think a little circumspection regarding his grandiose self-reported bio would be in order.

    Chances are his real life may have fallen short of the amazing feats claimed.

  3. Thanks for the link. Word has gotten 'round to Obi that he was discussed during our meal (my, what a small world we live in) and Sas has friended on FB.

    The circle of life...with pancakes.

  4. The James W. von Brunn case obviously proves that all journalism majors are potential man-made-disasters & should all immediately be placed on the DHS watch list.

  5. Hmmm....despite all the preemptive strikes from the right,
    I don't think I would be too far off in assuming that this guy does lean Conservative.
    Like I like to say, not all Republicans are Klan members, but all Klan members are Republican....

  6. Don't know why you'd say that, 4-Eyes. The ones I've known personally were and are Democrats. Might re-think using that broad brush, eh?

  7. Dear Captain Oblivious,

    Actually turns out he was a 9/11 troofer who hated Rush and O'Reilly. So, just as wrong as those on the right who didn't think it would be too far off in assuming he was a Muslim.

    You like to say a lot of things... some of which I'm sure Sen. Byrd would find amusing! ;)

    Until next time, evil doer! Stay Safe!

  8. Not only is Von Brunn not a conservative, he hates Christians, just like Hitler did. For some odd reason I can't paste into this window or I'd paste a link.

    Also, Y4E apparently never read any of the KKK writings where they declared their hatred of Jews, Catholics, and Republicans as well as Blacks. Y4E probably still hates 3 out of 4. The KKK were always the guerrilla army of the Democrat Party. They have nothing to do with Republicans, who were after all the party that banned slavery and passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments against Democrat Party resistance. Try learning some history.

  9. "James, why do you want to go into journalism?"
    "I want to help change the world..."

  10. And, oh, actually, the most famous living Klan alum is a Democrat.

  11. I'm a journalism major. Graduated in December of '07. Got laid off in December of '08. Realized over the next six months that "journalism", as an industry, is a really crappy way to earn a living, mostly because its practitioners regard it as a high and lonely destiny instead of a product for consumers. I was seriously considering becoming a plumber's apprentice before I finally got some real work.

    Just wanted to throw that out there.

  12. > Like I like to say, not all Republicans are Klan members, but all Klan members are Republican....

    And you'd be wrong. The Klan historically has been dominated by Democrats and still is.

    Jim Crow was a Democrat creation.

  13. "Like I like to say, not all Republicans are Klan members, but all Klan members are Republican...."

    Spoken by someone who knows nothing of the Klan or Republicans for that matter. The Klan was most powerful when Democrats ran all levels of government in the south. Ever hear of George Wallace, Lester Maddox, or Bull Conner? They were all racists and Democrats their entire lives. How about Al Gore's father and Bill Clinton's mentor (both Democrats) who voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the one that even LBJ admitted wouldn't have passed without strong support from Republicans.

    As for journalism majors, it reminds me of my favorite Dilbert cartoon from about 15 years ago. They'd installed motion sensor light switches at work but cubicle workers didn't move enough to keep the lights on, so they hired an intern to run around flapping his arms. To this, Dilbert says, "I see another journalism major has entered the workforce."