Monday, June 8, 2009

A. Because I suck, that's why

Q. Why is The Other McCain not on Wikio's listing of "Top 100 Political Blogs"?

UPDATE 6/10: John Hawkins' list of "Thirty Best Conservative Columnists for 2009" confirms the infinite vastness of my suckitude.

UPDATE II: Suckitude illustrated. Suckitude explained. (Although, of course, mere words can never suffice to explain how much I suck.)


  1. Now, now Stace. Just relax, have a brewski. We know who the really important bloggers are.

    To be serious - I was rather shocked not to see your name there. My name missing? - not so much. But it's "cause I DON'T HAVE A SMITTY.

    I'm going to start a world wide recruitment for my very own Smitty! I neeeeeeeed a Smitty.

  2. And Ross Douthat is, even though HE STOPPED BLOGGING OVER A MONTH AGO.

  3. If you suck, I hate to think of what that makes me.