Saturday, May 2, 2009

Full Metal Jacket Saturday

Every Saturday, in obedience to Rule 2 of "How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog," we feature our reach-around round-up, linking everybody who has linked us in the past week. For the past several weeks, Smitty has done this with the help of high-tech clonebots.

However, Smitty is spending quality time with his in-laws this week, and therefore, he's left me in charge of the clonebots. Since I'm a low-tech kind of guy and therefore don't know WTF I'm doing, this is going to be kind of a mess. If your link got left out, e-mail Smitty, and he'll get you hooked up next week. And so, here we go . . .

(Actually, now that I'm looking at what the clonebots brought back from Technorati, it seems there was a photo-finish for third place -- lots of bloggers linked us twice this week -- but maybe you guys don't mind? If anyone objects: Kiss the pig!) URGENT: We interrupt this round-up to bring you this breaking news: "Top Gun" star Kelly McGillis has announced that she is a lesbian. Via Ace, who says, "I guess she's lost that lovin' feeling." I won't believe it until I see video proof. We now return you to your regularly scheduled reach-around . . .

Where do I get crazy ideas like this? Am I brilliant or just plain evil? Oh, well, on with the round-up:

BTW, just as an aside on blogospheric method, Rule 1 still works. After my pathetic whine about a lack of linky-love on my patented Carrie Prejean breast implant meme -- dude, I so owned that -- I actually got 'Lanched last night. It's like a double dose of Enzyte for the blog-fu. Now, on with the round-up . . .

Man, sorry this is taking so long, but ever since November, these freaking unionized clonebots act like they run the place. We continue:

More seminar training for newbie bloggers: Try a Rule 3. Go to Memeorandum. Find a story there you want to blog about. Link/quote the story, give your own commentary, and link/quote some of the other blogs that are commenting on that story, and be sure to hat-tip Memeorandum. (Right now Memeorandum has so much commentary on this Carrie Prejean thing.) If you'll do that regularly for a couple of weeks, eventually you should trigger their algorithm and pop up in the Memeorandum feed. We continue with the linky-love:

And, finally, these blogs linked us, but the stupid clonebots couldn't figure out which posts: Remember to celebrate Rule 5 Sunday -- and since it's National Offend A Feminist Week, this should be an extra-special version!


  1. Hey RSM, I linked to your Arlen Specter piece here:

    Keep up the great work!

  2. RSM, Smitty,

    As with Matt, linked your Specter piece here:

    Plus, and I'll say it again in the hope of emotionally blackmailing anyone reading this into visiting my blog, I got married 8 days ago!

  3. As Smitty's Union rep, you know we'll be asking for double his salary at the next negotiation.

  4. "Why is it that a photo of a woman in lace and satin lingerie is actually more enticing than a photo of a woman wearing nothing at all?"There's an old nudist-colony joke - you know it's old because they're still calling it a "nudist colony" - that addresses precisely that issue.

    Two guys, suitably birthday-suited, are having a chat, when one of the resident babes saunters by. Nothing is said until she's out of earshot - a measure of decorum is expected, after all - and then the following conversation ensues:

    Guy 1: "Wow."

    Guy 2: "You got that right."

    Guy 1: "Can you imagine her in, like, a real tight sweater?"

    And that's the crux of the biscuit: the allure comes from the suggestion that you'll be able to do the uncovering yourself. If it's already done, well, you've got nothing else to look forward to.

    (Disclosure: I'm one of those AANR people, not to be confused with AARP, though there's more overlap than you'd think.)

  5. Mr. McCain, I linked to your post about Charles Johnson's attacks on Pamela Geller and others he deems as "Eurofascists", "Pam Geller: 'Poster Girl for Eurofascists' or Just Another 'Right-Wing Extremist'?"

    Here's where I linked it:

  6. You know, it's rather daunting to have this ginormous list of nothing but links to people linking to your articles which I've already read... I'd be curious how many people click them in this article.
    A more efficient and effective tactic which might actually generate more click-throughs might be to have a weekly contest and link back to the top few that have linked you MOST often this particular week.