Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dear Cassandra . . .

You were offended by my snarky comments about getting traffic from guys Googling for Carrie Prejean bikini pics.

While at your blog, however, I couldn't help noticing that the artwork at the top of your blog features a vintage pin-up of a sexy lady in a purple dress and black stockings, displaying her garters and a generous expanse of thigh.

NTTAWWT, but if you're going to exploit the cheesecake angle, don't complain about me exploiting the cheesecake angle. Because as Gloria Feldt says, "feminism is about justice and equality." Or, as the ancient Romans might say, "Tu quoque."

BTW, it's National Offend A Feminist Week. Feel free to join the celebration.


  1. "Tu coque."Wrong.

    Tu QUOque.

    You damn Prots and your mangulationizing of Latin...

  2. Correction--that should be "mangulationalizing."

  3. Some of those pin-ups are scorching hot!

  4. Come on, Stacy: you didn't really address Cassandra's argument.

    Nor did you attempt to reconcile the tension between your religious convictions and your stance as a SoCon with your need to obsess about the breasts of a political ally, or your (so to speak) promiscuous use of the words "slut" and "whore" on a blog that, presumably, your wife and daughters read.

    Cassandra blogs about sex, and she has a pinup as her avatar, but that doesn't mean she is not in a position to insist on respectful treatment of women within the b-sphere.

    She appears to feel that your blog doesn't live up to your ideals. Does it? Why? Or why not?

    Or do you simply prefer to Jon Stewart your way out of this?

  5. also a sexy woman (or her avatar) does not automatically equal the use of the word 'ho' or 'slut' to describe her does it?

    my 2 cents. :)