Friday, May 1, 2009

Is bigger always better?

Velociman loves him some humungous boobies, and doesn't care whether they're silicone-enhanced or not. He derogates my oft-declared preference for naturals.

Now, I know what I prefer, and I know why I prefer it. But what do you prefer and why? Opinions and comments are solicited from readers, and if any of my fellow bloggers want to explore this theme in their own Rule 2/Rule 5 posts . . . well, I won't stop you.


  1. Personally I have always felt that the inventor of the Silicone Breast Implant should have received the Nobel Prize (both the Peace Prize and the prize for medicine (and maybe if the augmentation is large enough the prize for physics because god knows when you get up to Chelsea Charms size they are generating their own gravitational filed)) That said if the implants are too big or poorly done then yeah it's a turn off. (For the record Ms. Charms would fall into the too big category)

  2. The old saying is true.

    "More than a mouthful is wasted."

  3. Natural over implants.

    Size depending on the woman, I've known some willowy ones that are knockouts with a B cup.

  4. I have to do some research into this subject..

    Lots of googling images..

    I'll get back to you on this..

  5. I'm thinking I'm a 'natural' guy. I see women with implants and for some odd reason my brain screams OHLOOKITACOW!!! I say odd because if I ever saw a cow with a perfectly round udder I'd think mastitis.

  6. I prefer them natural, but I understand why some people feel the need to use implants.

    For instance, my little sister had a double mastectomy to remove the tumors that could have killed her like they did our mother. I'm glad she had the option of having implants to restore herself to what, given our Teutonic heritage, most people would consider more than adequate-sized breasts.

  7. I shall now be turning the pervert dial up to the MAX :

    I wants me a woman who has great TRACTS OF LAND. Real or fake, white or black or yellow, she must have great TRACTS OF LAND.

  8. Real trumps fake every time! Of course give me a gal with great legs and a nice behind. Those are more important than breasts to me.

  9. Hear hear, dad29!

    Me, I like 'em small and firm. That Chelsea Charm-size is not only ridiculous, it's disgusting!

  10. McCain, your preference is well-founded.

    Steven Martin to Sarah Jessica Parker, in LA Story:

    "Sandy, your breasts feel..different"

    "Oh, that's 'cause they're real."

  11. Fake knockers are fine under a nice blouse, but anything less and you can usually tell that they're fake. Once you know, they're no longer "breasts" any more than a zucchini qualifies as a "penis".

    The true victims in all of this are women whose breasts are a little too perfect. They suffer suspicion because of the prevalence of fakers these days.