Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Confirmed: They're fakies


PREVIOUSLY: Perez Hilton: "In a very catty move. . . [Miss California USA pageant directors Keith] Lewis and [Shanna] Moakler confirmed to Access Hollywood that the Miss California pageant paid for Carrie Prejean to get breast implants six weeks before the Miss USA competition."

UPDATE 2 PM: Keith Lewis is DENYING that either he or Moakler told Access Hollywood any such thing. However, Lewis did not deny that Carrie's got fake boobs. Don't worry: We are fearlessly committed to exposing the truth here.

You heard it here first, folks!

And we're now the the No. 1 Google for "carrie+prejean+implants"!

UPDATE 2:30 p.m.: Via Twitter, ShannaMoakler also denies the Perez Hilton item. Folks, I'm trying hard to get to the truth. As I just said in an e-mail to Bob Barr, it's not the crime, it's the cover-up. What did Shanna Moakler know, and when did she know it?

UPDATE 5:40 p.m.: Ouch:

Did she buy them at Walmart? . . . Not a good look when you are competing in a national beauty pageant, but a great look for amateur night at your local strip club. Supposedly, the state committee for Miss California - USA bought them for her; my question is, Did they use a coupon?

UPDATE 6 p.m.: From the official bio:

[Prejean] an advocate for encouraging healthy lifestyles for young women. Carrie wants people to remember her as being compassionate and real.

Jezebel comments:

If it turns out that Miss California organizers bought her new breasts, they should be called on the carpet; and Prejean may need to rethink that last statement.

Stay tuned for further BreastGate updates as the investigation continues . . .

UPDATE: An anonymous commenter (whom for some reason I suspect to be either Troglopundit or Professor Donald Douglas) provides this link to a photo of pre-fakie Carrie.

In a related development, why is Perez Hilton involved in an organization that discriminates against transsexuals?

BTW, if Miss Prejean wishes to deny that she's got implants, she should e-mail Smitty, who has been appointed chairman of the Fake Boob Investigative Commission.

UPDATE II: Alert the media!

Internet Investigation Launched in Wake of Pageant Scandal
WASHINGTON, D.C. April 29 -- Revelations that Miss California USA pageant sponsors paid for Carrie Prejean's breast augmentation procedure have prompted a group of Internet activists to organize an investigation of the prevalence of silicone implants in the pageant industry.
"This is an aesthetic disgrace and an unpatriotic insult to the fine tradition of American breasts," said blogger Robert Stacy McCain, a leading online advocate of traditional values who helped launch the Fake Boob Investigative Commission. "These pageant officials are displaying a widespread and harmful prejudice against small breasts that damages the self-esteem of millions of women in this country. Their claim to value 'diversity' is clearly false, so long as they effectively banish healthy American A-cups from their competitions."
Vowing to combat the misleading use of "fakies" in the pageant industry, the Internet activists announced a slogan for their campaign: "REAL PRIDE: EXPOSE THE FAKES!" The activists urge that pageant contestants with natural breasts publicly declare their unenhanced status, and "name names" of contestants whom they know to have had deceptive implant surgery.
"This isn't just about small-breasted women," McCain said. "Naturally large-breasted women are also being cheated by being forced into competition with these artificially enhanced frauds. It's the equivalent of illegal steroid use in sports."
McCain said that at least one former member of Congress has expressed interest in the issue, and that the Fake Boob Commission is seeking legal advice on whether the use of breast implants in pageants violates state or federal laws, including civil rights statutes.
Legal advisers say a class-action lawsuit is possible, if we could find enough beauty pageant contestants with real breasts who feel they have been victimized by discrimination.

UPDATE III: We have a theme song, "Miss California," by Jack's Mannequin:

UPDATE IV: Another shocking revelation: WATER IS WET!


  1. Am I supposed to care? She is still smokin' hot.

  2. Here she is "before" implants... this was taken way over 6 weeks ago...

    Check out her acceptance picture on this board...

    I can't see much of a difference... if she got implants after how her boobs were when she won miss cali then it's a travesty...

    I actually think the whole controversy thing might be faked... from the question forward... controversy -> new celeb -> take her reputation down -> take her crown -> reality tv show -> profit...

  3. Brand spankin'new fakies too! Who would have guessed?

  4. I prefer her having "real values and fake boobies" than real boobies and fake values.

  5. The thing I don't get is . . . why?C'mon, guys: Are we so prejudiced against the natural A-cup that we'd rather have the fake B-cup?

    I've never been a "crunchy con," but when it comes to boobies, I much prefer the organic Whole Foods variety to the artificially processed product.

  6. This is soooo unfair. Not the implants, that you are going to get tons of traffic.

  7. I’d like to apply for the position of Secretary of Handling in the FBIC.

  8. Stacy..

    She's Miss California..

    Part of the package of winning the crown there.. :)

    Scholarship, boob job, and a car. Or something.

  9. For the record,I never told ACCESS H or anyone 4 that matter about Ms Ca's breasts. TY

    So McCain, do you see a difference in the boobs? They look fake, but... you can't quite be 100% sure...

    Take a look at these pics from 2008...

    It's hard to get a good look at them, but they look perfect there too...

  10. OK, I'll jump in the 'controversy.' Why is no one wonderin' what the heck is up with the people of the Miss Cali pageant buying boobies for the girl that WON? Um, yes, you won, but we think you need bigger boobs to represent us.

    So isn't it REALLY more about big, fake boobs in CA insisting they are even bigger and more fake than we all gave them credit for?

    Therefore, in onclusion, why don't the gay guys just skip the middle-woman and do their own pageant? Then we would know for SURE the boobs are all fake.

  11. McCain said that at least one former member of Congress has expressed interest in the issue,I can only guess it's not Bwany Fwank.

  12. Trust, but verify.

    And since I'm married, I nominate AoS.

  13. Can taped breasts make them look like that?

    I'm going to go out on a long limb(very long, considering I already read a blog post by an pageant judge saying they bought her implants) and say, she does not have implants... her boobs were good before the timeline they said she got implants...

  14. "this link to a photo of pre-fakie Carrie."

    Dude, look at her boobs there... who would slice those? they look the same as the miss usa pageant... in roundness and how it's dipped in the middle...

    Like I said, I'm going out on a limb and saying that if she's had implants done she had them a long time ago...

  15. Carrie is staring in a ad for NOM...

    Please... please... please... tell me this is a joke... this is stupid...

    If opinion really starts shifting away towards gay rights supporters you should post that info I told you about...

    Lizzie Grubman is Keith's spokeman...

    Check out this nymag article..

    When Lizzie Grubman opens a newspaper, she doesn’t read it the way you or I might. “Everything in the newspaper, or in magazines like Us Weekly and In Touch—it’s all contrived,” she says. “I could pick up any magazine and tell you precisely what’s true and what’s not true. Because that’s what I do.”

    I'm not 100% sure this is all contrived... but, the implication could be made if opinion turns the wrong way for traditional marriage...

  16. You bunch of boobs!

    Carrie foresaw the Swine Flu pandemic and had special Tamiflu timed release pumps implanted.

    She is looking for a man to do the same in order to repopulate the earth after this disease kills off the rest of us.

    What a gal!

  17. I still have her as my Number Two Hot Conservative behind Clever S. Logan.


  18. If I may offer a girl's point of view here, the before picture would make them look smaller. She's flattening her chest with her shoulders back like that. Moreover, at the Miss USA pageant, she probably invested in a good chicken cutlet situation. (those plastic things you put in your bra) I don't think that their fake. Simply because if you are going to be in pain and go through that surgery, you are going to go bigger than what she has. And you would have to have a 4 month recovery time to the point to where they would look normal. And I only know that because I watched Dr. 90210.
    And yes, I feel dirty for engaging in this discussion.

  19. We have a boob job opinionist found on twitter... you may want to ask her some questions...


    i don't believe that ms. ca is 6 wks post op... i'm 6 wks post op and my +2s do NOT look like that. maybe the refund gap is in style in ca?


    I don't think they're fake...

  20. My cousin in California tells me that in that strange land they are called "bolt-ons".

  21. fakies eh? I couldn't get past staring at those LEGS, so I never noticed.

    hey RSMc, while we're having an oglefest, that back-in-the-eighties pic of your wife was HAWT. Worth mentioning again in the wake of your 20th anniv. post.

  22. As someone who has purchased a set (not for myself) I can safely say 6 week lead time for recovery is really really pushing it. Yes, she'd be fine to move around and all but it takes longer than 6 weeks for the boobs to look even semi-natural.

    My guess is they're real and they're spectacular.

  23. "These are not the boobs we thought we knew."--NOTUS

    "These are not the fake boobs you are looking for."--Obi Wan K'no~Bob

    So you must either side with the NOTUS or Obi Wan on this one, folks.

  24. "If you think those are real boobs, you must be rubes."

    -- Johnny Cochran

  25. This guy agrees with you...

  26. Stacy, Stacy, Stacy.. Cheap, Sensational blogging is the only motive on display here.

    As I've said before, let Ms. Prejan have her privacy regarding this issue.

    P.S. If on the other hand you should scoop TMZ on the physician's pre & post op photos, have the decency to give the photos back to Ms. Prejan.

  27. "Folks, I'm trying hard to get to the truth."

    Yeah... it'll do that.