Saturday, May 2, 2009

(Belated) April traffic report

Seeing Troglopundit doing cartwheels over his recent traffic surge reminds me that I forgot to do my regular monthly traffic report.

April was our second-best month since the election, with 160,991 visits compared to 163,608 for March. The big day was April 9, when we got two Instalanches in one day (Smitty's ham-and-cheese sandwich and my "Blue State Republican" essay). That produced 20,480 visits, the best day in the history of the blog. Another 'Lanche ("I Question the Timing!") helped drive another 11,787 hits on April 17.

Proving the Rule 4 principle that linky-hate can be as good as linky-love, the "What next? Over-the-counter roofies?" post got me yet another "Malkin Award" nomination. Speaking of Malkin, I started getting picked up in the "Buzzworthy" feed at her blog, which has helped boost traffic in the past week. I've also started posting at The Green Room.

And all the FMJRA gang (you know who you are) have helped immeasurably. Networking and collaborating to build a shared pool of readers . . . well, I think Trog and others are starting to see how the rules work, if applied consistently.

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