Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thomas J. Marier is badly confused and writing for David Frum, but I repeat myself

He's also a friend of mine, which is why he asked me to denounce his latest article at The New Majority. I'd be happy to demolish his argument, except that it's such incoherent jibberish that it's impossible to understand exactly what he's trying to say. Perhaps readers will click over there and leave rude comments for Marier, just so he's grateful for the Rule 4 punk-smacking he so richly deserves.


  1. You're the greatest. Seriously.

  2. If I guess this correctly, (his bio is sparse)....

    Is Marier originally from Massachusetts?

  3. Joe, with respect man,
    ... your boss is the silliest. Seriously.

    One can not "build a [new] conservatism" that can win "again." There is a huge freaking difference between complexity and contradiction... Frum hasn't a clue.

    You want conservatism that can win again, Joe? Forget Frum's "New" Majority. Start here. This guy knew what the Hell he was writing.

  4. Yikes, he looks like the daughter's ex-boyfriend/weasel

  5. I was born at Camp Pendleton, California. I've lived in the DC area since I was 6 years old, though, so I tend to take something of an inside-the-beltway attitude. Can't be helped.


  6. Obi,

    Now THAT'S the constructive criticism I was looking for. Was that so hard?

    Stacy's still posting a horrible picture of me 'cause it's funny.

  7. Damn, does anybody really take that site seriously?

    I prefer Huff Postal, it's more right wing.

    These moderates.

    They marched us into Paulson's quasi-socialism, and them handed the big gov torch to Obama.

    They sanctioned socialism.

    Now they say socialism isn't moderate enough.

    Did any of them work the last election?

    The base stayed home!

    Our office was staffed with disaffected dems.

  8. I keep trying to say that the base stayed home. I've said it in a couple of articles I wrote for NM, actually. If you don't like the direction of the Republican Party, STOP STAYING HOME.

    Only the people that show up get a say.

    Be like Whittaker Chambers, who said, "I am not a conservative. I am a man of the Right. I shall vote the straight Republican ticket the rest of my life."

    Then you don't have to worry about agonizing about who to vote for, and instead worry about what to believe and what beliefs to prioritize in which election cycle.

  9. Confused, incoherent, and jibberish are accurate adjectives for this bit of Frumese drivel.

    Seriously: does being pro-life require supporting risky primary challenges to pro-choice Republican politicians?

    Yes! And not just pro-choice Republicans, but pro-choice Democrats, too. Pro-life means more than "go along" with the status quo. It means make your mark and try to do something, however small it may seem now, to stop or at least slow down the Culture of Death.

    Does it require the full support of quixotic crusades against Democratic politicians like Sebelius that will slit your throat and smile in your home state if you dare oppose them?

    Yes. Good heavens - does principled opposition to a wildly pro-abortion, slapdash- with- the- tax- return nincompoop like Kathleen Sebelius have to be characterized as just some "quixotic crusade"?

    Do better next time, Mr. Marier.

  10. "If you don't like the direction of the Republican Party, STOP [supporting faux-conservative candidates and their apologists. Instead, get active in local support for libertarian-leaning Republicans.]"

    Sorry, Joe, voting for McCain was a sin I'll regret for quite some time. If it had not been for Palin, I'd have stayed home.