Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's up with TCOT?

I've been putting TCOT (Top Conservatives On Twitter) hash-tags on my Tweets routinely since I began Twittering, only to learn today that co-founder Rob Neppell (a/k/a N.Z. Bear) had a falling out with his TCOT partner Michael Patrick Leahy.

Exactly WTF this is all about, I don't know. Matt Lewis says, "even our hashtags can't get along." It seems to me, just reading between the lines, that Leahy's PJTV gig might have annoyed Neppell.

But nobody ever tells me anything, so if you know what's going on, please tell me.


  1. You are reading between the wrong lines then.

  2. OK, Andrew, then, what was it? I'm just asking questions. When Neppell makes a point to say, "I didn't care about Leahy's PJTV gig," my natural hunch is, "OK, if it's irrelevant, why mention it?"

    You could read different things between the lines, but absent any more detailed explanation, I'm just gut-hunching it. Like I said, nobody ever tells me anything. So I end up asking stupid questions and making wild guesses.

  3. From Mark Meckler, at my blog:

    "As a side note, yesterday Michael Leahy, who was removed from the leadership of the Tea Party Patriots due to his inability to work in a cooperative group setting, and his position that the grass roots needed to be "led" instead of being honored with the leadership they themselves have earned, issued a press release. In that press release, Mr. Leahy had the audacity to purport to speak on behalf of the national tea party movement in offering to personally meet with President Obama. While one may argue whether or not such a meeting would be a good idea (and we've received emails indicating that most of you don't support this approach), Mr. Leahy's press release was a simple example of grandstanding for personal gain. It is not for Mr. Leahy, or any one individual to make such an offer. This is a grassroots movement, and no one person has, or should ever claim the power to speak for the grassroots without consulting the more than 850 leaders of the Tea Party Patriots who organized the events all around the country on April 15."

  4. Personally, I think the #TCOT thing was poorly rolled out. I looked in and saw a "Hey, follow me! No Follow me!" thing. I did the usual Whiskey T. Foxtrot, and backed outta there as quietly as possible.

    You don't build a movement by playing who's hot and who's not. That's for Hollywood celebutards.

  5. Don't know anything about the #tcot controversy, but those commenters at TPM sure are vile. What's their average age? Twelve?