Friday, May 1, 2009

Video: Gay gynephobia

Look, I've made clear my disapproval of breast implants. So now, watch as Keith Olbermann and Michael Musto make clear their disapproval of . . . vagina:

Please remind me of this video, next time a feminist calls me a misogynist.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! Meanwhile, Allahpundit has this video of Laura Ingraham and the viciously intolerant Gloria Feldt:

Notice how Feldt says that Prejean "has a right to her opinion." Leftists don't actually mean this. The whole point of the gay-rights movement is to abolish your right to disagree with them.

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UPDATE II: BTW, the Ingraham/Feldt interview is the kind of TV I hate. Feldt filibusters and interrupts; Ingraham becomes derisive. As a journalist, it has always been my thought that, when interviewing someone who is transparently wrong, the best policy is to give them enough rope to hang themselves. I wish Ingraham had let Feldt finish her prefab talking points and then hit her with a hard question.

As to Feldt's talking points: She began with the assertion that "feminism is about justice and equality," which ideology Prejean is accused of betraying and therefore (to complete the syllogism) Prejean is not a feminist.

Which is correct. I have argued explicitly (a) that feminism is wrong precisely because it is a radical egalitarian ideology and (b) that the same-sex marriage argument is based on the same fallacious doctrine. Please see my American Spectator column, "Marriage: A Hill to Die On," as well as "Whither Marriage?" and "Gay Rights, Gay Rage."

The argument against same-sex marriage can only prevail if we begin by rejecting the assertion that men and women are "equal" in the sense that feminists mean it -- identical and therefore interchangeable.

In fact, men and women are different, and it is their differences that create the necessary complementarity of marriage. Insofar as we accept the counterfactual feminist ideology of legally-mandated androgyny -- that men and women are the same, and thus fungible -- then it becomes impossible to argue coherently that it makes any difference whether you marry a man or a woman.

UPDATE: Dan Collins reminds Musto and Olby that "despite what your girlfriends may tell you, catty, stupid, vicious, jealous, ugly and self-righteous is no way to go through life, son." I've got some related stuff here.


  1. Don't miss the nazi angle in this segment:

    Occurs at the 1:58 mark

  2. I'm trying hard (with no luck) to think of any interview segment I've ever seen that is more reprehensible than this one. Olberman can't sink lower than this and this Musto character is so vicious and obnoxious that he must have been making converts to Miss California's side every second he was on camera, Disgusting.

  3. ANGER!!!!!! They began hating woman at a very young age. Now we have two small, but vocal guys, really scared of their own sexuality, and everyone else's.

  4. If Olbermann wants to start talking about looks, then his looks would provide hours of comedy gold.

    I think the Bathtub Boy should stick with news. Then again, that would be a first too.

  5. Olbermann and the other girl sure do get catty. I know Miss California has it all going for her but I'm sure there's enough guys to go around for you two MSNBC nags.

  6. Mee-yow! I think I smell a cat fight.

  7. Those two vermin are a genuinely terrible statement on the Vichy Media. Lord and Lady Haw-Haw riding the Vichy express into the misogynistic septic tank of history.

    Alternate thought: Deathmatch, Pre-Jean Vs Garofalo. Winner gets thumb up/down on Olbermann and Musto. One survivor allowed.

  8. I think he practices every word he pronounces in front of a mirror hours on end to make his jaw look just so..

    that and his phony outrage too..

  9. The sports guy finds a young girl in SoCal having cosmetic surgery is a shocking discovery? What's next, he is going to tell us she had braces as a teenager?

    To compare this with Alex Rodrigues lying about his use of performance enhancing drugs is looney.

    Olberman subjects a young girl to open derision, and congratulates himself for his cleverness.

    Whether you agree with her or not, you have to recognize that to voice her opinion and say what she did in the venue she did required moral courage. She's got it.

    Mr. Olberman is the one saddled with a fake pair.

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  11. Completely OT:

    Why isn't the right-o-sphere on fire with this story?!


  12. I guess there's no confidentiality about medical treatment.
    Whatever they cost, they were worth it.
    I am willing to comfort Miss Prejean and guarantee an MSNBC-free home if she needs it.

  13. Shannon Moakler is a washed up, dirty (and I do mean dirty - just google "Travis Barker") skank, and I wouldn't believe her if she said water was wet. That said, Carrie Prejean (who has a not particularly attractive plasticy smile but a bangin' hard body) only happens to share the views with a majority of Americans, a majority of Californians and, by his own admission, the President of the United States (aka Teleprompter Jesus), but of course the majority of the msm nabobs do not agree with her, and so a vile cockholster like Musto is dragged off his regular VH-1 gig to make blond jokes to the biggest douchenozzle in "news".

  14. I think if she has implants, she deserves to be Miss America for getting tasteful ones that aren't too out of scale with her body, and not stripper jugs.

    Cutting off her penis and sanding off her adam's apple? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. That fag thinks all women are depenised men. His nightmares must be awful. Probably makes him wet the bed every night. Vile.

  15. My god, look at how far American culture has sunk. Even 10 years ago, a segment as vile as this would not have been on the air, and would be a national scandal if it was.

    They are driving me close to wanting to retaliate by calling them 'faggots'. They have pushed me that far.

  16. The left is just jealous. Everyone knows that we have the hot chicks and they have the chicks with dicks.

    This funny picture about left-wing/right-wing relative beauty is market tested to get under a leftist's hyde. Try it, and see.

  17. I am so sick and tired of how *any* position remotely critical of homosexuality -- even something as tame as "I'd prefer that my about-to-hit-puberty son would be straight, but I'd still love him if wasn't" is smeared with the term "homophobia", whose only purpose is to paint the target as irrational, quite likely 'hate-filled' and thus not worthy of reasoned rebuttal.

    One could just as legitimately say that gay men finding the thought of sex with a woman gross suffer "gynophobia".

    Any suggestion that ['they can't help it'] homosexuality is objectively dysfunctional (in its pure form, behavioral sterility) is met with horror. FWIW, I forget his name, but there is an 'out' gay evolutionary biologist who has reluctantly come to the honest conclusion that his orientation is a sort of 'glitch.'

    [Relevant interesting aside -- in Africans there is gene which gives immunity to malaria, which is clearly adaptive -- but if one gets two copies of the gene, you suffer from sickle cell anemia. Do we insist that that disease is not dysfunctional for the victim just becasue it is 'natural'?]

    Just because its apparently immune to any sort of current therapy, for the most part -- which observation does *not* in any way imply forcing anyone to take an effective one if ever developed -- does not mean its 'normal'.

    FWIW, I think a big part of the APA punting on the question years ago was because of their own guilt about their barbaric 'scientific' treatment of homosexuals in decades past.

    "Natural" does not mean 'normal'. Congenital blindness being 'natural' does not make it fine and dandy, not a dysfunction, not 'normal'.

    There is a big difference between tolerance: a libertarian 'do what you want in the bedroom, though I reserve the right to at least have an *opinion* about it' (wrt to the dysfunction argument, a bi/pan-sexuality makes more sense than a reversed, homo-only sexuality), and using civil marriage as a bludgeon to force everyone to actually honor & celebrate it -- does anyone think that gay marriage *won't* empower & turbocharge indoctrination by gay advocates in the public schools?

    They want to erase the objective, historical fact that the institution of marriage is about raising *families*, encompassing issues about child support, inheritance, and a protected & supported sexual exclusivity for a presumption of paternity. gay couples have to resort to go out of their way to have children of any sort, whereas fully [biologically] functional Het couples have to resort to special measures to *not* have kids.

    The stakes are NOT the same, so gay marriage smacks of 'playing house' at best, in a way that civil unions do not. In that light, an admittedly somewhat over the top analogy is that civil gay marriage is about like giving blind people *driver's* licenses in the name of equality.

    P.S. I *am* sympathetic to homosexual couples with children wrt to 'marriage'.

  18. wow.. the guy Olberdouche is interviewing is pegging a 11 on the gaydar..

    (note to self, stop drinking and commenting)

  19. Vagina disapproval, Robert? I don't see it. How in the world could Obergruppenfuhrer and whoever the other douchebag is disapprove of something neither can identify never mind no what to do with?

  20. True story from last week :

    An Indian friend of mine nwas at a PTA meeting for his 7-year-old's school in Palo Alto.

    His son was playing with a girl in his class (also age 7).

    The Indian man said to his son, in jest : "It looks like you have a girlfriend now". It is common for Indians to make that joke when a male and female child are playing platonically.

    A white parent who was nearby still found it necessary to lecture my Indian friend (an immigrant from a socially conservative country, mind you) that "Why are you assuming that he will want a woman? You should be more open minded".

    WTF?????????? This white idiot is lecturing an Indian not to assume that his 7 year old son will be straight???

    So gay-militancy trumps multiculturalism.

    The gay-militant left is now lecturing even people from other cultures (where homosexuality is far less tolerated). My friend found it necessary to tell me about this story. You can bet his wife told all the other Indian housewives.

    The silver lining of this cloud is that the arrogance and hubris of the gay-militant movement will soon lecture Muslims, and get beaten up (or worse) in the process.

    This white person lectured an Indian parent. If he does the same to a Muslim parent (of any nationality), I hope this white person gets what's coming to him.