Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sir Ted of Chappaquiddick

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will announce that Sen. Ted Kennedy will receive an honorary knighthood, the Times Online is reporting.
Brown is to make the announcement when he becomes the fifth British prime minister to address both houses of Congress.
Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat and an Irish-American, will be recognized by Queen Elizabeth II for his role in U.S.-British relations and the peace process in Northern Ireland.
Because he is not a British citizen, Kennedy will not be allowed to be called "Sir Ted," but he will be allowed to place the initials K.B.E.(Knight of the British Empire) after his name.
Drown a girl in an Oldsmobile, wield political influence to get the charges reduced to a minor traffic infraction, and go on to become a Knight of the British Empire! Only a Democrat could get away with that.


  1. I'll mix a cocktail to that..

    The Chappaquiddick.

    Scotch and Murky Water..

    (say scotch like Scutch and drag it out and water like Watta and clip the last syllable.)

  2. Give a presidential endorsement to get your niece a senate seat. Not!

  3. Mary Jo was not available for comment

  4. So I passed Ted Kennedy once, a couple years back. He was seated in First Class, on a US Air flight from Boston to Reagan National. I was coming back from a meeting. Sure, you could say any number of things. But, like Maggie, I have my pride, and wouldn't denigrate* myself by heaping abuse on half of Massachusetts's dynamic duo.
    "Good afternoon, Sentor," I said. He looked up, and the eyes were the only healthy looking area of his face, but of course he didn't recognize me.
    "Howaya?" he said/grunted.
    Sometimes, you have to default to respecting the office of Senator, even if a particular specimen is a tough stretch.
    At Reagan National, he had to walk over to the oversize luggage area to fetch a couple of dogs. His gait was as sickly as his face. And this was months before the brain tumor bit.
    Senator Kennedy, you can't delay judgment much longer; it's written in your flesh.

    *Is this adjective politically incorrect, due to the presence of the 'nig' syllable?

  5. I believe you forgot funding the rebels (IRA) to his list of accomplishments.

  6. Sir Teddy won't be putting KBE after his name for very long. Ha! May he burn in hell.