Thursday, March 5, 2009

Too hot for the White House?

My latest Taki's Magazine column:
Some just-published research suggests that the incontestable hotness of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hurts her chances of becoming president, which is a sore disappointment to her admirers at Conservatives4Palin, and also to me. Never mind any discussion of Palin’s political leanings or qualifications. It just seems to me that if America is going to elect a woman president, she might as well be a hottie.
Please read the whole thing. Remember, I'm the guy who got a quarter-million hits in September on the strength of "Sarah Palin bikini pics." Rule 5 has been very, very good to me.

ET SEQUELAE: The Hottie Who Would Be Gonzo tells her tale.

ET SEQUELAE II: Now Richard's begging for a second chance. This could become interesting.


  1. Pff! She's hot people. Deal with it. Her "hotness" gets people to show up at the rallies, but it's her policies that get 'em to vote for her.
    Also, I blame this on my fellow women. We are such b*tches. Sigh.

  2. Yow, her politics excites the brain and her hotness excites, well, you know. The blood is not sure which way to flow. Either way, it's likely to be a winner. Sign me up for that.

  3. I will continue to support Palin because she believes in the same things that I believe:

    American Oil
    Strong Defense
    Less Taxes
    Less Government
    Less Abortion

  4. I argue that being a hottie is a requirement for the job of American President.

    An old confrere of mine argued that Americans always elect a President according to the cross-country car trip rule. Whichever one of the candidates people would be most comfortable taking a cross-country car trip with is the one who gets the nod. After all, this knucklehead is going to be sticking his or her mug in our face day after day after day for four years.

    Given that fact, Americans will demand a good looking woman for President. Just ask yourself this question. Would you want to spend hour after hour in a car sitting next to some old crone like Helen Thomas or sitting next to Sarah Palin? To ask is to answer.

  5. Yeah, well-said, TexMex. How many women who hate Sarah because she's hot voted for the American Idol with the pec implants and the Hawaiian beach swimsuit spreads instead of the Muppety-looking old guy? From my unscientific sample, I'm guessing "most of them."