Monday, March 2, 2009

Dittos from a cab driver

Having previously noted Rod Dreher's criticism of Rush Limbaugh's CPAC speech and Andrew Breitbart's praise now check this from my column today at The American Spectator:
Wally Onakoya drives Fairway Cab No. 1 and said he had hoped to listen to Rush Limbaugh's speech on WCSP-FM, but was disappointed that Washington's C-SPAN radio station was not broadcasting it live.
He came to America from Nigeria in 1983. A quarter-century later, he now drives his cab in the nation's capital to pay tuition for his daughter, Seun, a freshman biochemistry major at Maryland's St. Mary's College, whose school emblem adorned the blue hoodie Onakoya wore Saturday with paternal pride.
Onakoya has been a loyal Dittohead for years. He explained that not all who ride in his cab appreciate his radio habit of listening to Limbaugh from noon to 3 p.m. weekdays.
"Some people say he is the second coming of the devil," Onakoya said with a deep baritone chuckle. . . .
Please read the whole thing. And I am sure that praise from an immigrant cab driver means more to Rush Limbaugh than anything any pundit or critic has to say.

UPDATE: Linked by But As For Me and a big shout-out to Ken Shepherd of Newsbusters.

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  1. I went and read the offending column by Dreher, and would have to say he does make some good points... for instance those about facing up to and critically examining current policies and directions of the conservative movement- sure Rush has to cater to his audiences' expectations, but it's still not wrong to criticise his myopia in determining what went wrong and what may be needed to right it.