Monday, March 2, 2009

How to Get Two Million Hits in Your Second Year of Blogging

CPAC face-time with Professor Glenn Reynolds and Dr. Helen probably won't hurt, but with a face like mine, you never know -- this tactic could backfire disastrously.

On the other hand, Ed Morrisey said if I'm ever passing through Minnesota, look him up and he'll buy me my own brewery.

To be fair to Ed, I should explain that I learned, from studying the online operations of some of my young friends, the Zen of posing the "Classic Facebook Photo":

  1. Arrange a random group of your buddies, preferably holding beverages;
  2. Have them lean in on each other like a football huddle, to suggest an artificial sense of intimacy; and
  3. Everybody act as if they're up to mischief and shenanigans.

Bonus points if you can convince either a famous celebrity or the prettiest girl at the party to pose with you and your snowball's-chance loser buddies. The general idea is for the undergraduate geek with substandard social skills to assemble a series of Facebook photo albums that convey to others the impression that, in fact, he is the all-time mack daddy who hangs with his posse at the coolest venues and gets jiggy with the hotties like an NBA superstar during All-Star break.

At any rate, two photo albums from CPAC 200: The Pink Camera Files and More Delicious Pink Camera Goodness.


  1. Camera angle can help that mac daddy look long-legged, too.

  2. It was great meeting you at CPAC--it looks like you had quite a good time!