Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jason Mattera defends Rush Limbaugh

On CNN, via Young America's Foundation:

I love how Jason calls out Frank Schaeffer, who responds that "Rush Limbaugh is to the conservative movement what Jabba the Hut was to the 'Star Wars' movies."

Oh. Ha, ha, ha. Now I get it. A fat joke. Wow, that is so erudite and sophisticated.


  1. Who the hell is this phony "conservative"? And when are people going to wake up to the fact that calling someone a conservative doesn't make them one?

  2. Frank Schaeffer suffers from daddy issues..

  3. nice.. in the second clip.. the host frames Rush as 'His Anger is getting blah blah blah..'

    nope no bias there to present the facts and let people sort them out.

  4. btw..

    Jabba the Hut was an intricate part of the Star Wars saga.

    which means that he has no clue about the Movies.

    nice of a christian to be making fat jokes at other people.