Thursday, March 5, 2009

Uh-oh, she invokes the Gonzo

"I was one of those kids who grew up planning to be somebody important. I wasn't content to imagine myself as a doctor or a fireman. I was going to be the next Hunter S. Thompson (minus the tragic end), Rush Limbaugh (minus the masculine physique), or the First Lady (who, at the time was Hillary Clinton, so minus the pantsuit). I had big dreams."
-- S. Logan

Oh, man. I was going to be a soldier, then an artist, then a football player, then an actor, then a rock star. I guess journalism was sixth on my list.

But invoking HST -- that's almost like inviting ridicule for overweening ambition. Thou shalt not invoke the Gonzo in vain.

Assignment: Try to write up CPAC in your best approximation of Gonzo. Not a slavish imitation, but with the spirit of Gonzo.

Warning: This is merely a writing exercise. You are not to publish this. You are writing it for the sake of seeing if you can write it. Set yourself a deadline, and produce X number of words (1,500? 2,500?) about CPAC by that deadline.

Try to hear the Mojo Wire humming in your mind. Also: You'll need lots of whiskey. And grapefruit. Feel free to substitute Red Bull for other stimulants.

UPDATE: OMG, Moe Lane goes Gonzo! See what you've started, you wench?


  1. For the wieners in the crowd that the haven't read Fear and Loathing, Gonzo seems the journalistic equivalent of Pulp Fiction. Is that fair?

  2. Don't blame me for not reading it if my library doesn't have a copy.

    It might be like the book Final Exit and for some reason, people do not return it.

    (stolen from Kevin Nealon while he was doing the Weekend Update on SNL way back when)