Wednesday, March 4, 2009

'Going John Galt'

Wow, raise your hand if you remember the mind-blowing awesomeness of the first time you read Atlas Shrugged. The recognition that you own yourself, that what you earn by your labor and ability is yours, and that the socialist parasites who would stake a "moral" claim to take away your hard-earned property are, in fact, the most immoral creatures on earth -- it's a psychotraumatic revelation, isn't it?

Rand's philosophical radicalism ultimately goes beyond a point I am willing to follow, but in her basic idea -- the irreplaceable creative value of the entrepreneur, and the unworthiness of capitalism's enemies -- she hammers it home.

Michelle Malkin has begun hammering the "Going Galt" theme, and it's the subject of a long post by Melissa Clouthier today, and Donald Douglas also weighs in. I believe Dr. Helen may have been the first to raise the issue, so I'll link her to be on the safe side. (I met her and the Instahubby at CPAC, which gave me occasion to say, "All your links are belong to us!")

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis have enacted laws that constitute an incentive against earning, against investing, against hiring, against working. Projections of deficits cannot possibly measure future revenues accurately, if more and more people simply stop engaging in productive economic activity. They can't force you to work and earn, can't they? They can't force you to invest and hire, can they?

Can somebody tell me when the next Treasury auction is? I've been saying for weeks that everybody's panicking about the stock market, but if the bond market gets the willies -- and methinks they're starting to sweat a little -- oh, boy!

BTW, I am in discussions with some folks down Alabama way about getting there for a Tea Party they're planning. So if any of my readers are in Alabama and are in touch with the Tea Party resistance, please get in touch or leave a comment. Dates and details are sketchy, but my itinerary will likely include stops in Decatur, Birmingham, Alexander City (to see a certain erudite fellow) and Montgomery.

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  1. Rand's philosophical radicalism ultimately goes beyond a point I am willing to follow

    After all, she was Easy Al Greenspan's mentor.

    How'd THAT work out?

  2. "How'd THAT work out?"

    Not too great- Greenspan betrayed everything that Rand taught- he took the job that John Galt would not accept on penalty of death: economic dictator. AG tried to make the impossible work- and when it imploded, he joined in the chorus pointing fingers at capitalism. And his former relationship with AR now gets used against her- as if he were carrying out her principles instead of violating every one of them Special rung of hell for that sorry sacka.

  3. All things in context, what kind of judgment does Greenspan have if he's married to Andrea Mitchel?