Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Big Party: Big Hollywood, Big Lesbian, Big Sexy, and . . . Big Moe Fu!

Well, you remember that I was asked to get the word out to the 'sphere about The Big Party, hosted at D.C.'s Union Pub by Americans for Limited Government and Net Right Nation. The big celebrity was Washington Times columnist Andrew Breitbart of and Big Hollywood fame, plus some cable-TV talking head whose name escapes me.

Among the cool party people I made sure got invited to the Big Party were lesbian blogger Cynthia Yockey, who came out as a conservative(!) at CPAC, Red State's Moe Lane -- acknowledged master of the ancient mystic art of blog-fu -- and investigative journalist Matthew Vadum. Also in attendance: Jason "Big Sexy" Mattera.

Andrew Breitbart hugs Cynthia Yockey in a transparent effort to make Mrs. Breitbart jealous.

Big Sexy hugs Cynthia Yockey in a transparent effort to make Clever S. Logan jealous.

Sean Hackbarth of the American Mind hugs Moe Lane, with no apparent ulterior motive. Weird.

Cynthia makes a Moe Lane sandwich with Kerry Picket of Newsbusters fame.

Matthew Vadum gets the inside scoop from Cynthia.

Our host, the legendary Sergio Gor, poses with one of the many young lovestruck lovelies of D.C. who dream of someday becoming Mrs. Gor.


  1. Look at all those hotties! DC be steamin' tonight.

    Someone should invite me to these conservative pow-wows. I could easily up the hotness percentage by 23 percentage points. Besides, Muccio and Logan can't be everywhere all the time.

  2. Hey, this looks like an attempt at payback for being outed.

  3. I gotta say, this is the worst Rule 5 post ever.