Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fuel My Juggernaut Resource Attack

by Smitty

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around Saturday, IAW Rule 2 of ToM-blog-U-fu has been kicked up a notch. You can email me nicely if you've been overlooked, or you can rip my face off (I had it velcroed on USS TwoShipsAgo, for easy re-attachment). The more efficient route is to register on Technorati.

Here I sorted the URLs, then grouped them by whoever sucked up the most often, then applied some other arbitrary rules. These shall not be recorded. Shag legislation, baby. Inter alia, blogging is about ego gratification as much as laughs and learning.
  • The blog celebrates an increasingly good friendship with Cynthia Yockey. I do recall meeting her in the line for an autograph on my copy of "Guilty." This makes me ironically guilty of not chatting her up a bit more. The whole jello wrestling thing is surfing the edge of good taste, at which skill this blog prides itself.
  • Dan Collins over at Protein Wisdom comes next. His mentions wandered from LesbiCon to St. Patrick’s Day a couple of times. Then the sad state of bastardy, and the hope of the resurrection
  • The American Power blog starts off from a standpoint of American exceptionalism and goes immediately to the next step, linking this blog frequently. Here he calls into question the Rule 3 fu. He does recover nicely, picking up the neoconservatives are former liberals who were mugged by reality point. He also buys off on libertarian populism. Keep preaching, APB!
  • The Clever S. Logan continues to brighten the day. Her response to the Tara Wheeler story is exactly the type of linkage for which all bloggers should strive. All Rule 5 posts are indeed welcome. The public declaration of love however, leaves all of the single men in the blogosphere oscillating between hopeful and despondent. :(
  • Moe Lane thinks he has a Rule 5 scoop, stating: "I'm not saying that you can't beat that". Which is good, because, if you look closely, McCain freakin' starred in that clip*. Moe then expressed admiration over the Day by Day 'lanch, and finished off with a note on some of the not-what-we're-talking-about ads that have been seen on the blog of late. I blame Google.
    *No, he didn't
  • She Who Must Be Linked noted both RSM's universal appeal and the Muir 'lanch. I guess Day by Day will be out in dead tree format this year...
  • Dad29, for some reason, wasn't on about the famous speedo shot. He linked the Schaidles post while drawing an important distinction on who are the loudest critics of pro-Israelis. I can think of examples on both sides. Next he notes the hug photo of fellow cheesehead Hackbarth with Moe Lane (NTTAWTT). Is this jealousy?
  • The Political Castaway appreciated the Petraeus post, but that story was quickly, tragically crushed. They also picked up on a HotMES post about the need for Conservatives to communicate, which is something Monique understands more than many.
  • Seymour Nuts admired the pre-Lenten-vow Fisking, as well as HotMES's Testacles about which I have absolutely no comment. Also another shout for the infamous speedo

  • and now those who only linked once, alphabetically

  • Lance Burri thinks Hackbarth in a coat and tie is apocalyptic. The public display of affection was apparently not such a big deal.
  • The Crankycon appreciated the Kathleen Parker blowback.
  • The Weimar America line unnerved Dispeptic Mutterings.
  • Fisherville Mike picked up on some blogger rules, but lamented his lack of speedo photos on the cloudytubes.
  • The weirdly named FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog embedded the now infamous Muir 'strip', then seemed to protest the pictures of men in speedos. Some joke involving "stuck in teeth" wants to form in the mind, but we will resist this.
  • The Jersey Nut gets all LOTR in his anti-Brooksian fervor.
  • Followed by more not-Brooks-love at Just one Minute.
  • Ruby Pratka is another of Stacy's new admirers.
  • The Liberal Values Blog (which title, one could argue, is an oxymoron), offered this entry into the Describe the Democratic Party in 20 Words or Less contest:
    People with a wide variety of beliefs who oppose the authoritarianism and incompetence of recent Republican rule.
    which entry affords me three words to append "opting for worse"
  • Mr. Shown of Rhymes With Clown points to a weak Rule 4 attempt at the NYT.
  • The Right Guy appreciated the POTUS downward spiral tracking offered by RSM.
  • The "Ransom Note Method" receives its due at The End Zone
  • Jason at The Western Experience appreciated the analysis of 'progressive' Republicans
  • Dustbury was taken with the Bad Fast Food Customer
  • Five Feet of Fury noted the Kathy Shaidle picture.
  • Deuce Geary over at Skepticrats has listened to some RSM advice on blogging. We've all much to learn.
Pundit and Pundette pick up where we taper off.
Juggernaut has a completely unexpected etymology. I'd thought it Germanic. Ooops.


  1. Not jealousy.

    Cheesehead Pride!!

  2. Lance Burri thinks Hackbarth in a coat and tie is apocalyptic.

    This Lance Burri?

    Although, I will say Hackbarth looks fine in a suit & tie :)