Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Attention, D.C. New Media: OPEN BAR!

We know that left-wing New Media types have their own half-vast conspiracy. The great thing about the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is that we're capitalists, so instead of a list-server, our conspiracies are plotted at cool parties with catered buffets, free booze and attractive women.

If you are a blogger or other conservative New Media activist, there will be an invitation-only OPEN BAR party this Wednesday evening (3/18) in D.C., hosted by a major free-market organization. Two bold-face name Famous Conservative Personalities will host the event, and I have been asked to help spread the word about this important event to all you boozehead moochers bloggers and random hotties New Media activists.

If you haven't yet gotten the invitation, please e-mail me or Frequent Commenter Smitty for details.

UPDATE: The sponsor of the event has asked that I give a link to their site: Americans for Limited Government. I didn't know if they wanted the whole freaking Internet to know they were throwing an OPEN BAR PARTY, and thus be swamped with e-mails from blog readers begging for an invite to get the free booze, buffet, et cetera, so I didn't name them initially.

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