Sunday, March 15, 2009

Smoke up, it's for the children!

"You will always have one more cigarette, whether it's at a funeral, or at the bar. You never truly quit, there will always be another cigarette, another drag. President Obama gets that. He's a Marlboro Man, the only reason I have left to like him. What I don't like, though, is that he has placed the burden of middle-class children's healthcare upon my shoulders. Can someone, anyone, please, explain to me why I should be responsible for the healthcare of middle-class children just because I smoke? I'm not really getting the connection."


  1. I think he’s more of a Kool Filter Kings man myself..

  2. RACIST!

    Dave, how dare you resort to the bigoted stereotypical assertion that black people prefer menthol cigarettes.

    Next, I suppose, you'll be telling me that his preference in soft drinks is Fanta Grape. Or that he likes malt liquor in 40-ounce bottles.

    I'm so disappointed in you, Dave . . .

  3. I don’t know about racist stereotypes, but since 20 JAN 09, I have noticed a lot more Old English bottles littering the grounds at the White House.

  4. Yeah! no more racist stereotypes, like how Conservatives hate Obama because all those rednecks fear Obama's gonna steal all their yummy white women.
    Or worse, how Obama's " manhood" leaves most Cons feeling insecure about their lack thereof...
    Ahhh. so funny. I am dead set in my conviction that the reason why crazy cousin McCain is so goddam cranky about his humiliating loss is that the good ol' boys in his party are letting him have it over losing to the black guy. Perhaps it is the same reason the whole party lost their minds altogether? hmmmm?
    A black man as president? well this just isn't supposed to happen in my America....

  5. Where do I need to report for my re-education..

  6. Dave may be a racist (it’s ok Dave) but he’s right that mainly black men smoke Kools. Like mainly women (black and others like someone I know very well) smoke Virginia Slim ultra light menthols. I dated a black saxophone player several decades ago and he didn’t just smoke Kools. He destroyed them. After three tokes half the cigarette was ash and the other half was flat.

  7. I didn't realize that mentioning the brand name, 'Kools' was racist.