Thursday, March 19, 2009

Men in Love: The Courage to Conquer

"Men want access to women so they make the effort, or sometimes do. Many men give up. The benefits of companionship don't outweigh the challenges the relationship brings. . . . There has been a concerted attempt to demonize typically masculine behavior. Worst of all, many men seem to have conceded the argument."


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  2. Sending little boys to government schools that train (or drug) them into sitting still and doing what they're told doesn't give them much of a chance. Boys acting like boys in school is nothing but a problem for the teacher, and it can result in a 'diagnosis' that requires pharmaceuticals. The same goes for daycares, where so many little boys spend their days. By age two it's likely they'll be expected to rein in their naturally wild natures. Very sad. Mothers are supposed to civilize their little boys, but fathers are supposed to help them draw the line.

  3. I saw a very sad video recently (alas, I don’t remember where, because I found it so revolting) where a clergyman turned to the camera halfway thru an interview and exhorted young men not to break up with their girlfriends. That was enough for me; I surfed on with a vaguely disgusted feeling…

    For 3 or 4 generations now, most fathers, especially ‘educated’ ones, have not made it a priority to try to pass mature masculine values along to their sons. After all, sons no longer spend most of their days in the company of their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and older cousins. We send them to school instead. Trivial masculine behaviors abound, but deep abiding traditional masculine values seem to be much more rare these days.

    Most of those rare sons who suspect the ‘oversight’ and wish to develop true mature masculine values have quite a task in front of them. Most just clan up and practice laddish behavior and agree to co-sign each others’ BS false masculinity.

    Forging true independent nature masculinity happens fastest in battle. As Gable said, it’s about winning many small battles with honor and not making a big deal about it. Yes, combat does it best, but the many small social battles we fight every day can serve as well; it just takes longer.

    Guys, if your girlfriend is calling up all her chums and bragging all about you, then you are in very deep trouble. In a couple of years she will wail ‘what happened to the man I met??!!??’

    A husband who applies honest husbandry however, can deliver 98-99% of what his woman says she wants, and make it look easy. If he is very clear about the man he has wanted to become and has progressed toward it, then he will also be very clear on the 1-2% where he will never budge – and that is the foundation of his mature masculinity, and his foundation for a successful relationship. With that, a woman can trust him. Without it, she can never trust him; and won’t.

    Visit and click on ‘the men’ in the left menu for links to some phenomenal resources, quotes, stories, reviews and much more discussion of mature masculinity.