Friday, March 20, 2009

How long until Easter?

Cynthia Yockey was the Good Sapphic Samaritan last week, helping me maintain my Lenten vow (I'm a proud Protestant, but made a promise to a friend who is a notorious Catholic hypocrite), and now as further testimony that the Lord sends "angels unawares," Katha Pollit adds her widow's mite:
But [William Kristol's] presence on the [New York Times op-ed] page reminded readers that David Brooks is not really what Republicanism is all about. Frankly, though, I don't see why there must be two conservatives on the page.
I suppose I should also acknowledge that, via Rule 3, a hat-tip is owed to Matthew Yglesias, even though he couldn't be bothered to read Atlas Shrugged before denouncing it.

Now, I have acknowledged to Cynthia that she is owed an apology, because when I responded at length to her dispute of my views on gay marriage, I ignorantly wounded her -- an unintentional offense, yet an offense nonetheless.

Thinking that Cynthia was currently in a long-term lesbian relationship, I engaged in a hypothetical speculation on the possibility that, should she by misfortune become a "lesbian widow," there would be no guarantee that her next relationship would also be lesbian. Whatever one's orientation or your congenital predisposition, whatever your habit and custom, life is like a box of chocolates, and sometimes a chance encounter becomes a "pivotal life movement." Not until many years later, wondering how you arrived at your present circumstance, do you look back and ask, "When did that road fork? Where did I turn?"

My intention was kindness, but the result was cruelty, for I did not know that Cythnia's 20-year relationship had ended with her partner's death -- after a long, painful, debilitating illness -- on Dec. 7, 2004.

Ms. Yockey has chronicled her devotion to Margaret Ardussi in a page that I promised her I would link. My oppressive patriarchal heteronormativity bids me speak, but as Smitty points out, "He that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding." Therefore, Ms. Yockey, I pray only that my apology is sufficent and acceptable, as it is my continued hope ever to remain
Your most humble and obedient servant,



  1. This, is my fork in the road
    Next to that dead toad
    Guess it fell from my load, oh no

    It's on the ground, now it’s up to me
    To bow down gracefully
    Though my stuff's heavy, and get it

    Whenever I need it, it's still there
    I use it to eat and, yes I care
    I'd rather I lost my underwear
    There on the ground

    I, knew just what to pack
    And if I cut myself slack
    Some of my grub will slip away, but I know

    There’s always a chance
    I'll catch some fish on the way, yeah
    And cook them up over flames
    And then I can eat again, but I know you know

  2. Classy. MUCH classier than Dear Leader's pro-forma on 'special Olympics.'

    RIP her partner.

  3. I was impressed by your original piece as I too read it as kindness. Then I read today's post and felt terrible for both of you as the developing friendship between the of you has been fun for us to watch.


    "My intention was kindness, but the result was cruelty"

    Yes, very classy of you. And very classy of Cynthia Yockey to accept your apology. May your friendship be a long one.

    Mrs. P