Sunday, March 15, 2009

Michelle Malkin brings the Mother Of All Punk-Smackings down on BBW Meghan

Just go read every brutal word of it. Michelle Malkin reminds me of my wife in this sense: You never want her mad at you.

Others have taken their turns punk-smacking Meghan: Jimmie Duncan, Donald Douglas, Monique Stuart and me. But just consider that Saturday night, while Meghan was doing whatever she was doing -- hanging out with The Republicans Who Really Matter, perhaps -- Malkin was at home, writing up that brutal punk-smacking, which Meghan didn't even know was coming.

Pity the fool. That Rule 4's gonna leave a mark on her chubby caboose.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl notes that Meghan's got a fat head: Cellulite of the mind! And from Paleo Pat: "Memo to Meghan McCain: You don’t speak for me, bitch"

UPDATE II: Welcome Pandagon readers! Perhaps you will also enjoy my recent 2,400-word treatise, "How to Hate Feminism (As You Must)."

UPDATE III: The chubby caboose gets kicked by Kyle Smith in his latest New York Post column, with a Kathy Shaidle assist helping Ed Driscoll to declare: "I Never Sold Out Because Nobody Asked Me."

UPDATE IV: Mike at Cold Fury deems Kyle Smith's column "some of the tastiest snark ever," while Don Surber of the Charleston (W.Va.) Daily Mail calls it "a terrific little column." (Don't worry, Don. I'm sure Tina Brown will be in touch with you any day now.)

UPDATE V: Conservatives4Palin:
A few days ago, I got another SPAM email from Sen. McCain's PAC asking for money. My reply was short and simple, "Dear Sen. McCain, every time your daughter shows up on television shooting her mouth off about things she knows nothing of, I donate to SarahPAC. I don't have any time or money left for you."
Give to SarahPAC. Or hit my tip jar. Either way, it's a good cause. It's almost Tuesday, you know. As I recently explained to a Texan who hit the tip jar for $10: "Another 29,999 like that, and I'll be even with David Brooks."


  1. You're so pussy whipped for Palin it's hilarious.

    Wasilla white trash will never live in the White House.

    Suck it, bitch.

  2. Heh... Must be one of the idiots that left a comment on my Blog.



  3. I know the type. Wouldn't have the stones to say "Suck it, bitch" to anyone in person, and if you press them on their anonymity, they rail about how their miserable lives would be threatened were they to man up and own their own words.

    Feel free to mock them. You know this McCain guy (not the other one) would have wanted it that way.

  4. Is BBW Meghan an official member of the Axis of Wobbly?

  5. BBW? She's barely a size 10. I think you need to reevaluate your standard of heaviness. Of course, like all GagOldPathetic fanboys, you'd probably fap to the skeletal qualities and Adam's apple of "Miss" Coulter, wouldn't you? Closeted, all of you. Just go back to your Palin shrine and shut up already.