Friday, January 2, 2009

'We will remain on the path of jihad until the end of days'

At the funeral of murderous Hamas leader Nizar Ghayan, the demand for bloodshed is renewed:
The Islamist group vowed that its attacks, which have lasted for years and which finally provoked the massive Israeli campaign, would not stop.
"I call on the resistance to continue pounding Jewish settlements and cities," said Sheikh Abdelrahman al-Jamal at the funeral of a hardline Hamas political leader killed, together with his four wives and 11 children, in an Israeli air strike on his home.
"We will remain on the path of jihad until the end of days."
I hate to keep repeating myself:
You cannot negotiate with a shark. To the extent that Hamas represents any coherent political philosophy, that philosophy can be summed up in two words: Kill Jews.
The alternatives facing Israel were not to choose between peace and war, but rather to choose between fighting back or allowing Hamas to kill Israelis with impunity. There is no option of peace so long as Hamas exists. War against Israel is the raison d'etre of Hamas, and if Israel wishes to survive, it must fight Hamas "until the end of days."


  1. And with these words I surely hope all of you who think Israel is in the wrong finally get a clue! It was televised and I know before the year is much older it will be on You Tube for those who have no idea what a news cast is!

    I was RIGHT in my last comment post and continue to be now!

    When you pick a fight with someone who can kick your ass expect them to do a thorough job of the ass kicking!

    Hamas take some free advice, GROW UP! By now you can figure out that picking fights with some one who has:

    1)Jets. Your children's toys can't do the job!
    2)Tanks (see above for the rest!)
    3)More and bigger guns than you have, and the means to keep manufacturing more!
    4) A country where almost every citizen has had REAL military training and carries or uses the above mentioned weapons!
    Expect to get your country torn down around your ears!

    When you get off this path of Palestinian genocide and realize that you are actually walking that path you might live long enough to see your grand children grow up instead of raising them as morons and bomb fodder and extinction!

    Hell, even us dumb red necks from Georgia know when to give up a hopeless cause (unless you root for an Atlanta sports team) Then you're on your own!

    Israel just might give you a chance to mend your ways and try a new path called "Leave the rockets alone, lock up the idiots who want to try suicide by wearing bombs and attempt to live in peace" by stopping the bombing. That is your path to take but don't be surprised when they start kicking ass again just because one of your moron citizens lights the fuse on another rocket!

    Oh, another question, has Egypt opened the borders up for you to leave the Strip yet? No? And you wonder why Israel won't open THEIR borders to you! Who wants anyone who wants to take their life in their front yard or living room?

    Us rednecks can ask dumb questions I guess!

  2. This post is going to be included in a round up of news and information about the war in Gaza.

    Feel free to swing by to check it out.

  3. i disagree with you