Monday, December 29, 2008

Worth a thousand words

Beyond the comic orthography of hate, we have reached a seminal moment in the development of the blogosphere, I would suggest, when Marty Peretz of the New Republic links Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs. Apparently, however, this photo of a protest on New York's Fifth Avenue derives from another blog, The Silent Majority, which has a whole album of photos, plus videos including this one:

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UPDATE: Ace of Spades:
But it's worth the speculation just to note that in addition to dancing, homosexuality, rock music and the clitoris, the would-be global caliphate has also declared war on juice.
Not that it affects me. Atkins and all. But I don't want to live in a world where I can't drink a nice cool glass of Cran-Grape.
Madcap hijinks ensue.


  1. Obviously he's just outraged at the OJ Simpson verdict...

  2. Actually, while the blog citations are interesting, I'm troubled by the global reaction on the left to Israel's self defense, which has drawn my attention. The fighting makes for a lot of good writing across the blogosphere (among conservatives, of course), but I'm less confident of the triumph of the good in world politics when even the government of Britain calls Tel Aviv's response "disproportionate."

    All good stuff to think about, in any case...

  3. This is the third blog I've seen sporting this photo. You guys all sure this is not a photoshop?

  4. What about the picture makes you think it's photoshopped? I see nothing that smells badly.

    And I can think of at least three things about it that make it impossible for anyone bar the world's best and most far-sighted photoshopper -- the position of the the two men's hand and the motion smear; the canted angle of the poster/words, and along two dimensions at that (i.e., it both tilts to the right and toward the rear along perspective lines); and the apparently-differing ink strengths from left to right, held consistently for each of the three lines of text.