Friday, January 2, 2009

Obligatory Lindsay Lohan bikini pics

Lindsay Lohan spent New Year's Day on Miami Beach in a black bikini, with her lesbian girlfriend Samantha Ronson nowhere in sight. The photos were linked at Conservative Grapevine, and I was intrigued by this photo:

Who is Lindsay hugging, and why? We don't know. There was no caption information provided. Did Lindsay just decide to start spontaneously hugging people on the beach? Or is this an old friend she recognized? Or was this some sort of lesbian recruitment thing, with Lindsay trying to rub some of her gayness onto the other girl? Who knows? But we do know that Samantha and Lindsay had a big fight at the airport, so speculation runs rampant.

UPDATE: An admirer at Hollywood Tuna offers to lend Lindsay a helping hand of support.

UPDATE II: In the comments, Greg Ransom says Linsday's too skinny -- "the binge and purge look." Agreed. There are some women who are naturally slender (ectomorphic) and look good that way. But then there are women who, aspiring to a thinness that is not natural to their mesomorphic or endomorphic natures, get that gaunt concentration-camp survivor look. Lindsay's not that far gone, but she's thin enough that her hips seem withered -- a phenomenon that, alas, requires me to post another photo as documentation:

The girl clearly needs some biscuits and gravy.

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  1. Lindsey would look better with a bit of fat on her bones.

    Not a big fan of the binge and purge look.