Friday, January 2, 2009

'Life of the party'

Jim Blanning, who ruined New Year's Eve in Aspen by making bomb threats before committing suicide, wasn't all bad, the sheriff says:
"He could be the life of a party," [Pitkin County Sheriff Bob] Braudis said. "He was a witty and intelligent man. He was a womanizer -- he had six or seven ex-wives. He was fun. And if you needed help, he would be there."
He was also a scam artist who served prison time for fraud, but other than that -- and his terroristic warnings of "mass death" unless banks forked over cash -- he was a great guy.

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  1. ..On the other hand, he had a terrific singing voice...

    (so I stole that line from the Joker in the movie, Batman.. the Micheal Keaton one)