Monday, December 29, 2008

'Why are only skinny white women with fake boobs naked?'

So asks a feminist at Feministing in regard to this Danish TV commercial, which is extremely NSFW:

Link: Fleg Master Tlpizza

The ad is for a Siemens washing machine that costs 4,999.00 DKK (or about $900), according to TechCrunch, which calls it "the best commercial ever made." Via Eratosthenes, who seems to share my joyous contempt for feminism. Anything that annoys feminists is a good thing, although in point of fact, I share the quoted feminista's dislike for fake boobs. To my taste, natural A-cups are better than fake C-cups.

Oh, also notice that the annoyed feminist commenter seems to find something vaguely wrong in the fact that this Danish commercial features only white women. Hello? It's Denmark -- 91 percent of the population are native Danes. Actually, however, a careful viewing of the video reveals that there is at least one Asian model (at the right of the screen at the :05 mark). The largest immigrant group in Denmark is Turks and the model at the right of the screen at the :15 mark could definitely be Turkish. Nor do all of the women have fake boobs. A careful viewing, I said . . .

UPDATE: Linked at Conservative Grapevine.

UPDATE II: Matthew Archbold:
Walking by Abercrombie or Victoria's Secret is essentially a walking tour of porn for children. . . .
They see it. They internalize it. They think that window display represents the realm of adulthood. They intuit that adults desire 8-pack abs and 38 D breasts. And kids want to be adults.
Via Free Republic. Believe it or not, I'm actually a social conservative, it's just that I'm not a prude -- the two things are not synonymous -- and understand that kids don't need to log onto political blogs to find naked women on the Internet. As for adult readers, I think your morals are unlikely to be corrupted by that silly Danish commercial. I'm far more bothered by all these TV ads for Cialis, Viagra and contraceptives. You can't watch a football game with your kids nowadays without being subjected to warnings about four-hour erections.

UPDATE III: Ace says, "There is, of course, a political angle here of great import." Exactly. And not just because the Conservative Blogger of the Year said so, but because Jessica Valenti can never be mocked too much.


  1. I think most were natural and I to think anything over a D is a waste! But right now I won't complain! Nice commercial! To bad the US is still filled with prudes! LOL

  2. "anything over a D is a waste!"

    George, Obviously you have a limited imagination.

    A little Oil and . . .

  3. hmm not safe is an understatement..

    as far as fake vs. natural.. as long as you can play motorboat with them, who cares.. :)

  4. not the most gratuitous nudity I've seen on the net..

    for the most part, the commercial did it's job.. :)

    but if you want just neekid chicks.. you really do not have to search too hard to find them on the internet..

    so where is the uproar about that?

    that the company used boobies to sell their washing machine instead of the girls using boobs to sell porn fantasies to teenagers in their rooms?

  5. "I share the quoted feminista's dislike for fake boobs. To my taste, natural A-cups are better than fake C-cups."


  6. It's not the social conservatives who bother me, it's the ridiculous prigs.

  7. Now if only Christina Henricks would skydive topless, your babe blogging days would reach their pinnacle..

  8. If the Cartoon Jihad wasn't enough, here's yet another reason to love Denmark.

    (Oh, I agree that natural is better than fake.)

  9. No MY imagination can imagine quite a lot! After 50+ years I have to rein the thing in (bad pun) But actually to me the only thing an over "D" is good for is the cleavage in a low cut top! Oh the oil idea is nice until you slide off! ROFL :D Still in all it WAS a great spot!

  10. "natural A-cups are better than fake C-cups" BS,
    unless you mean Aired out are better than Covered. If that is what you mean yes, otherwise the skin is still real.