Monday, December 29, 2008

Ace the Magic Ewok

Amid all the "Magic Negro" uproar, Ace the Magic Ewok offers a genuinely thoughtful reflection on the subject. Among other things, he points out octaroon as "a word people aren't quite sure they're allowed to say."

BTW, when he's not blogging, Ace is a screenwriter and so is thoroughly familiar with the origin of the term "Magic Negro" to describe a cinematic archetype, a role that black cultural critics see as insultingly servile. This goes to the intent and purpose of the Paul Shanklin parody, and is not intended as a defense of Chip Saltsman from the charge of stupidity.

UPDATE: Ewoks are notorious misogynists, but that's just part of their authentic culture and only Western hegemonic imperialists would judge them for it.


  1. LOL: Western hegemonic imperialists
    Post-chuckle: or, people with shred #1 of common sense.