Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Michelle Cottle's nonsense

Fretting about the presidential "bubble" of security and scrutiny that is steadily enveloping Barack Obama, Michelle Cottle conjures up nightmare visions:
Not to focus on the macabre--or to disparage Obama's post-racial sense of self--but there are still enough unreconstructed racists running around with screws loose and guns loaded . . . to merit extra precautions. I mean, sweet Jesus, can you imagine the fallout if anything untoward were to happen to our historic new leader? The outpouring of outrage in the nation’s major cities could make the 1968 riots look like a collection of block parties.
Right. So while the economic meltdown continues and the Middle East incinerates, why bother worrying about the problems we already have? Much more fun to speculate on hypotheticals, fretfully imagining a crackpot neo-Nazi assassination scenario rather than, say, an attack by the Islamicist terrorist organization that killed 3,000 Americans in one day and would have flown a jetliner into the White House or the Capitol if the passengers on Flight 93 hadn't stopped them.

"Senior editor" -- dimwit.


  1. It's much more fun to worry about imaginary neo-Nazi assassins than to point out the numerous times that liberals have called for Bush to be assassinated--and done so on Air America, the Huffington Post, and numerous other prominent, supposedly respectable news sources--not to mention in college classrooms. Psychologists have a word for this. It's called "projection".

  2. No need to worry. I'm so scared of having Biden succeed to the presidency, I'd take a bullet for Hopey McChange myself.