Thursday, January 1, 2009

Guest Blogger of the Year

Nobody nominated me for the Weblog Awards, but that's OK, my feelings aren't hurt or anything, you ungrateful bastards.

However, Jules Crittenden has readers who actually like him and can be bothered to do thoughtful little things like this, so he got a nomination. And while I was reading about his nomination for this prize -- a prize I'll never get, because I seem to attract only selfish readers who are insensitive to my emotional needs -- I noticed that there is no category for "Best Guest Blogger." But if there were such a category, it would be no contest.

Rosa Ortiz, Guest Blogger of the Year.


  1. Well, no one nominated me either!

  2. I read this blog everyday through my RSS reader. Even though I consider myself a fan, your rank jealousy satisfies me for some odd reason. Nyah!

  3. Kayne West was nominated for a blog award, so really how prestigious can this blog award really be?

  4. I'm glad to hear that you understand your devoted readers. Please keep up the excellent work! Just don't expect any nominations or recognition from ingrates like me.